Friday, October 17, 2014

So how do you get a TV station’s attention?

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So how do you get a TV station’s attention when they become as a mule? First go to the trouble of producing your own ad, such as we’re having to do, which is what got us together with Antwanette in the first place.

That’s right, go down to TV Specialists in Salt Lake City, rent some gear for the day, write your own script, and shoot your own ad, the local TV station is too busy or stuck up to do it, after all they are doing newscast shoots, chasing the same stories that every other station is, when through a sponsor they could gain an exclusive be that as it may.

Next with a finished, ready to air ad, the script to it and about a couple of grand, go to the TV station, don’t just call, go there. Talk to the General Manager there, not just a sales geek, or sales manager, talk to the head guy. Then your most likely going to get someone’s attention. Especially if you tell the GM you’ve been working to get something on their station since mid May early June.

As I’ve said it in Idaho, and now here in Utah, there’s broadcast Radio, there’s broadcast TV, then there is HazzardAyre, in short HazzardAyre gets it done.

See ya’ll Monday.


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