Thursday, October 16, 2014

Here, but in deep distress

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I had a ton and a half of other things to tell you this morning, but still erked by the Comcastic crap I felt that I’d divert to other areas.

So let’s look at nearly a year since we departed Twin Falls for places here in Utah.

Now before ya’ll think I hate all of Utah, don’t. There are pockets of towns and populations here that have some great people in it.

Kamas, Coalville, Echo, Morgan, Tooele, these areas are still rural enough to honor their word .

As the club itself here, it’s a say what you’ll do, and do what you said you’d do. Not tell me one thing , then do something else, or do a bait and switch. Such as Comcast did.

I guess Comcast being the big firm they are has their staffing and customer relations problems, but as I said yesterday, if your going to tell me you’ll send me a paper bill, send me the paper bill. Maybe Comcast needs to re-examine their claim, Built 4 Business. Better yet get out of everything else except consumer cable TV and basic internet.

They just do not have the customer throughput for business, much less a broadcast business.

Been excited and pleased with Antwanette Marie. She’s a real trooper. She has no problem in staying the course. She understands the relationship here, and so do I.

Now for those who think and I heard it at the High Council meeting last night which is why I’m moving at a turtles pace, that I must be in love with Antwanette. Thing is I am sort of, not in the usual meaning of that, but of someone that is a worker, not just a spectator.

Signed the docs, for Digis, so we should be up with that in a month. Granted its right at what we’re paying for Comcast, but it’s a dedicated line, rather than a sharing of everything like we do with Comcast.

HazzardAyre is growing, by leaps and bounds, the nice part is now I can devote money towards getting Danny in Twin Falls paid for

LexiBelle>lexi in green mini and down here, then General Jackson from 1st Stop Auto here in Layton.

Which makes one ask, why didn’t we put this all together before the move? Because we got sold a bill of goods, from Comcast, not our sweet Laura, who seems to be quiet and staying that way to avoid the shelling of the war between the club and the court action that is on the horizon with Comcast.

As the High Council, told me last night, that if they do in fact pull the plug next Tuesday, that the club is going to sue for loss of our revenue, at the rate of $500.00 per commercial billing hour. At that it’s $500.00 multiplied by 24, that’s $360,000.00 for a month. Guess they’ll really have a headache.

If I were Comcast, I’d suck it up, leave us online until the first of the month, then only bill us for the month of time online.

The Knytes-of-Anarchy does not take prisoners . Or just take it in the shorts.

More later.



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