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Now we really can build this puppy, what the reason is and so on.

hazzardayre poster boardHAZZARDAYRE RADIO BOOSTER

First understand the perimeters and why online rather than over the air.

The FCC two years ago announced an open filing window for none profit, low power radio station new construction permits and licensing.

Of course we pushed to get there, all the maps , tech data, was ready, on the last day to file, all of the area in and near to Sun Valley Idaho was enraged in one huge inferno. The AyreWolvez were in the air flying to fight the blazes. As such no filing so we missed the bullet again.

But lets go back to 2002.

Long before a IHeart, Pandora and the like there were very small podcast style online webcasters. However few were to a point that could be called equal to or as good as broadcast radio.

But the Wolf-Pack was hungry. Not only the voice of the American Towing Professional needed to be heard, but over the road truckers, and of course enthusiasts of and those that flew and fly for the USMC and Navy. Not to the least was the burgeoning Confederate-Southern movement telling the story of and the real history of what the war of Northern Aggression was all about, this was long before Dixie Broadcasting, long before Warbird Radio.

Back then Dixie-Diesel/Highway Hooker Radio was syndicated and put on tapes and CD’s and sent to every radio station that would edit our style of Hazzard County, anti-establishment, fight the system radio.

Of course to be an on demand, truly LIVE online radio station that was more than just a computer music file station we needed Live people in a real radio studio.

One of the networks we sent our syndicated programming to was the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service aka AFRTS or as its called in military circles, A-FARTS.

One of the locals at Hill Air Force Base Utah who was both a Knyte as well as one of the Wolf-Pack said, why not take this to the internet. Take what is good about radio, but the difference being both the transmission source would be via Internet rather than signal over the air from a tower, and deliver through a computer, Ipod, etc , rather than the good old transistor radio.

After months and months of looking for a good place to plant that seed, AyreWolfFM through a suggestion of another Beta wolf, called and Steve Wolf who BTW is blind, in a wheelchair in a third floor apartment in Nashville, we went with Abacast out of Oregon. The project was up and running.

But staff was near to none existence. Now maybe this needs to be thought of through a woman’s mind rather than a cankerous old male wolf corpuscle like myself but the idea of woman/guy in a studio, was patterned after Howard Stern/ Robin Quivers. Where do we find women as outspoken, hot, rebel minded as we are that don’t turn several shades when things of either a personal relationship matter or of the differences between the natural female/male bodily experiences.

So a search went out.

The first group came from a talent agency out of Provo, Utah a thing called Lasting Impressions. Of the many candidates they sent up was this hot blonde who at a clothing shopping excursion was talking about her sister wife. I really did not understand that. Turned out she was from one of Warren Jeff's camp, I’ll let you figure that out. After months of work it was determined she was of no use nor was Lasting Impressions.

Then I caught a windstorm for a place that while it was in reality Public Housing(Davis County Housing Authority) a front room studio was built and outside of a few visits from those that thought they were radio, and/or TV were just not trained to do the degree and level of rebel radio that we were doing.

In 2005, just before the Cokeville Wyoming fiasco, AyreWolfFM , Dixie-Diesel/Highway Hooker Radio, caught a Grammy, and all of a sudden what we were doing became hot.

It wasn’t until 2009 in Gooding that a full production/on air staff had been assembled that we really took off. We had the best minds and the sweetest behinds in the region, busting hump for AyreWolf/SAMCRO Radio. This again was a year before Dixie Broadcasting, and two years before Warbird Radio.

The rest as they say is history.

Doing radio part time in my underwear, with my barley sodas in my house became as far as logistics and cost savings the best course to follow. A website that has been in waiting, for nearly 11 years with the hold back of not having a great female body that could be ran as the cover with not only a Cobra Helicopter, but a classic toew truck, to a custom bike. I think our new gal BrandiWine can fill that bill, however I’m still looking at possible talent. Like the gal from Farmington.

After years and the final set up to bring what is now HazzardAyre to a boil, came at the time, I moved to Twin Falls . With some help from a former associate we had found the software to run the radio station online, and it is free to use.

So we began interviewing females that I thought could become real broadcasters. and website cover girls. Of course there were some of those gals that had anterior motives.

Many were thinking that we running some sort of brothel out of the Wolf’s Den, the rest were looking only to be working at the Reaper Club, but were willing to dip into radio. I had two that showed up, one I figure had to have been a PD plant, as she made all the right moves and grooves, but never would respond to repeated phone calls. One was looking for a guy to make her then drunken husband jealous to gain further favor and so last year tired of beating my head against the wall, we visited the internet and well here we are. That’s the short story.

The first location I saw was this one, but back in 2005 the same crew that owns this business overpriced the site at $15k, a bit pricey. So I put here in Woods Cross on the rear shelf,. Then a con man that works for PPC Realty in Ogden promised me a great site. We got together with Comcast that could give us the right kind of pipeline, so sweet Laura got us set up and after 4 locations bowed out, we put the station back in the house in Ogden at 860 Sullivan Road, I still sort of live there, pending some assistance from My Bishop, and waiting to finish things here in Woods Cross so that after the holidays or so I can go home to southern Idaho.

Okay enough history.

So why do it? Simple the toewing industry outside of one partial TV show called WRECKED that ran on SpeedTV before Fox Sports 1 bought it out, and now South Beach Tow that is little to do with real towing, has never had a real voice except for us. Next when most over the road trucker over the air shows went to XM, there was a loss. How about a free, internet based, radio show and/or network, for truckers? That is us. USMC/NAVY Aviation and giving tribute to the warbirds and those flying them, Us again.

And to wrap that up, being the real home of the modern Confederate/Southern movement.

That’s the reason.

Now I read in Radio Ink and other publications saying how bad OTA radio is and getting OTA radio into more places, the Internet, streaming radio is really byting the heels of terrestrial radio. Our goal is simple take what was and should be true, LIVE radio, as it is on OTA(Over the Air) radio, in this studio, with both video and standard audio, and the method of deliver being a computer, IPOD, IPAD, SmartPhone etc.

If Terrestrial Radio is to step out of its protected shell, it needs to get such Federal revenuers as The FCC, to open up some new windows to file for new licenses and Construction Permits. Lets say it straight. There are certain, rural areas in both Utah, Wyoming, and/or Idaho that are poorly served if served at all by the OTA stations out there. Most want to stay in their urban environments rather than do something for rural America.

Now there is a thing that just irks me no end. In all the debates I have heard on the candidates running for Senate, Congress seats in Utah, this election season, I have yet to hear even one speak on FARM policy. On anything to do with economic stimulation of rural areas.

Add to that , no Utah metro or any Utah radio station, does anything as far as even as simple as a farm news report. None of them.  None of them are reporting stock sales, news of farming no where here. Yet farming is essential after all if you eat it, a farmer grew it. Nobody talks farm in Utah. Yet outside of this slim Wasatch Front, the rest of the state is still farming. Even today, I stopped beside a field to smell a bunch of old steers . You can’t find true Kountry in Utah. You don’t hear rodeo news, you don’t hear radio shows on horses or livestock. Likewise the guys and gals delivering and hauling, I never heard one comment on trucking regulation policy or issues on any debate, from the candidates running from any district in Utah. Yet if you got it, a trucker brought it and hauled it.

If there was any time that Utah and the region needed true rural based radio, albeit online, its now. Utah and America is forgetting its rural heritage and foundation.

Places like Wendover Utah has 12 allocations for a radio station, 12 mind you. Malta Idaho has 5 allocations, yet because no filing windows are open for a new FCC license, no new stations that would benefit the people living in these rural communities can construct and bring to light any new stations.

In essence terrestrial radio has cut off its nose to spite its face.

For the rest of America, Rural America again albeit, internet streaming, there is the need for a true rural based station and network. Done Hazzard County Style. That station and Network IS: HazzardAyre. Tune us in, .



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