Thursday, October 2, 2014

Failure to observe and believe

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So yesterday ended well. As I found myself rolling into my driveway , here came my home teacher. Coincidence? Perhaps, but more like urged inspiration.

Not saying the church that I call home is bad or that I shouldn’t go there, but and there’s always a butt, I must have looked the fright. See I had a good load of of my favorite plant in my jaw and sipping on a good bottle of Mountain Dew, so my home teacher must have been impressed. Although not saying anything , but I’m sure there was a mental note made.

I’m not saying that consuming brew or chew is right or wrong, after all Proverbs says: 31-verse 6, “Give beer to those who are perishing, wine to those in anguish, verse 7 goes onto say : “ let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more” There’s a similar verse in the Church’s own D&C, Part 89, you have to find it but the same idea is there. Likewise the many things I feel is up to interpretation like it says , not to drink hot drink, the words Caffeine, Coffee, or Tea, are not even mentioned, nor is not to consume cannibus, although that can be taken to your liking or not.

Now understand, I’m not condemning or saying the gospel teachings of the church are wrong. I myself have read every book of the church, including but not limited to the B-O-M, D&C, Pearl Of Great Price. I have a firm testimony that all is true there. I have had both inspiration and confirmation of those teachings. As I myself under some serious life threat and sickness situations have gotten, some visual as well as whispering from angels that the church’s teachings are real and true. I also think that back in the early days of the church things were true, and there was understanding. However like many things, when things grow faster than a dandelion weed, it gets full of red tape and acts more like a corporation , rather than the arms and hands of Jesus.

Our southern brethren are of the life of God himself, they don’t call the deep south the bible belt for nothing. You can’t go into many true Confederate homes and not find a bible(without dust on it) on the table. Us southerners tip our hats to women, and honor and praise women to their expertise. After all ever find a man, who can calm a fussy child, clean house, plan meals, and maintain a home? Men just do not have the patience or stamina to do what women do, and as such, I’m in belief that women should be allowed to gain elevation in the church, even to the post of a Bishop. Why not? While 1st Timothy tells us that women should be seen and not heard, evolution has made it to where many women would better suited for such a place in the church. Think of this, filling out a form, for food assistance for those needing such from the church. Women, would in most cases fill that order more properly since in many homes, women make the meals, women just are smarter. Although modern science says that girls growing up in schools are no longer smarter than boys. Girls do not mature these days until about age 30, boys mature into men near 25. Of course Marines mature faster and Confederate Marines at age 19.

This weekend will bring the gazillion population growth into Utah. Otherwise known as Church General Conference. Which I will watch and absorb, as I do everytime. But my question is this, with the many speakers will such happenings as the grand protest of the gal pushing for equality in authority of the church between women and men? Will the messages really be understood, and will all the newcomers to the church understand what hey are hearing? Will they obey, will they carry on those things being taught, and will church officers right down to local Bishops, and Primary leaders absorb those lessons and speeches? Will those authorities apply those teachings? I’ll let you be the judge.

Now yesterday my local Bishop, was attacking my southern integrity. So lets explore this a minute.

First my ex-roomy, moves in my home. Pays below all asking money amounts , but out of southern kindness I let him move in. After a time plagued with serious problems by my urging, I tell Jeff to go see the Bishop of our Ward, being kind and all that our Bishop is. So in came the missionaries. It was like the church rolled out a red carpet, the Church paid not only Jeff’s rent to our joint landlord, but bought Jeff a new bed, gave him furniture, and one Ward counselor (who manages a bar) gives Jeff a job and now Jeff works for Deseret Industries. Me ? Another story. Now dig this fellow brethren, Jeff has seriously used the Church, for his own gain. I only go to the Church when its survival, not luxury.

It’s like next Sunday I have to ask, the Bishop for another help in my rent, since I had to pay the utility bills on the place I rent. But its getting old and change is on the HUD(Heads Up Display) of my life after the holidays. Another article for another time.

But how can the Bishop and church, go to the extremes they have for Jeff, a convert to the church, when the Bishopric and all must know that Jeff is not walking in the right steps of our Heavenly Father. I myself was nearly thrown out of the Hazzard Ward of the Church in Idaho, for living with my then soon to be SheWolf. Yet the church here tolerates Jeff having his live in fiancé and children. Of all mine there was a ring on the lady before commencement of personal relations.

Okay then enough of that for as is written , I shall not judge, but I do make observations. In my mind , that what Jeff is doing is pure Blaspheme not Christian, but hey , I’m a Confederate Marine and wear my colors proudly.

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Proverbs 29:25“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.”

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