Thursday, October 9, 2014

I missed one big pay day out of trying to be patient, and walk in the steps of God


I can remember it just like yesterday, and it is one of the times, I truly wished that A; I had, had a camera, video style, plus B; should have sued the crap out of both the Cokeville Wyoming Police Department as well. Considering how things turned out, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Back in mid 2005, tired of the rodent race of metro Utah I cashed a $200.00 at Wells Fargo of Bountiful, Utah jumped in my Saturn at the time and took off.

I cruised through many places, went up to Logan Utah saw my cousin Claude all but briefly, in the concept of mending some family fences, then instead of turning left just outside of Grace Idaho I turned left. As I cruised through the small pioneer town of Cokeville Wyoming saw a sign on an old saloon/barber shop on the main drag of that town. The sign said for rent. So just for shits and giggles called the number. In fact the thing was for rent, including a house. Great. So I contacted an associate producer who was working with us from Bozeman Montana, named Julie . Told her about the location, and so we met up there a few weeks later. The building with some remodeling could have been a location of a major media firm then called Southern Steele Media, rebadged in 2007 as Confederate Steele Media.

So the deal was struck.

Papers signed, AllWest Cable came and wired both and I moved into the house, that had a hidden broken window, a old heat boiler system that was shot and needed to be replaced(no wonder the guy wanted to sell the house rather than rent) . So Julie and I attended the only Cokeville City Council meeting there, to explain what we had in mind. That was the first mistake. Never should have said anything to anybody about it, should’ve just did it. We had plans there. Radio station/ TV station, for what is now HazzardAyre, the AyreWolvez had plans on basing a squadron at the local airport, there to rebuild our vintage warbirds, and of course , I had plans on basing the Kat House(Cat diesel repair) there as well as Highway Hooker Toewing. The latter was what what started the avalanche of trouble.

Now understand the very Police Chief, that was giving me a pain in the ass, was also a convicted Child molester and rapist. The dude was determined to run me out on rails, but I was not done.

The location was good since it was a small microwave hop from eastern Idaho to Evanston and Fort Bridger Wyoming. For me as a toew truck company it was great with no toew truck for 45 miles either direction. There was even an old truck stop there that we had plans of restoring and putting into operation later that year.

So , I moved from Bountiful Utah, using funding from the club that could have bought a bunch of radio gear, but I moved, due to the con job I got from the guy who owned the house and saloon.

I had many misgivings on the deal, but after he kept at me I did in fact move.

Now during the weeks the predated the discovery, I had two interns apply here in the Bountiful area, for work on Dixie-Diesel/Highway Hooker Radio the predecessor of HazzardAyre. One met me in Cokeville one evening dressed to the hilt, but wired. See the local PD Chief was out to bury me before I ever got started. Guess some events a year or so prior that I was not privy to, had occurred. Cokeville was where a crazy man held hostage a high school and subsequently blew it up. Guess they wanted to file me into that category. When in fact all I was ever doing was finding a place to make a living and advance the club.

So I was there, the intern told me everything after, plus the fuzz brought me to the fuzz station. Now I filed everything all legal like, business license, tax number the works.

With needing to make a few extra bucks took a part time job, with the Flying J , cleaning up the showers there. My that cop had to show up there constantly , to the point the local Chief had a serious hard on. After one night freezing to near death to catch a check from Flying J there and get it cashed I finally said enough, and moved over to Evanston. However there was a bunch of stuff needing to be moved, so my Wyoming manager at the time, and I moved most of it shy my bed and dishes and some other minor stuff. By mid 2006 Tammy my Wyoming manager decided instead of just doing a look see at BSU’s Media School, we move to Idaho. This is where I could’ve, should’ve had a video camera, if I had, had and could have proved what happened that day, Cokeville would have been paying me some serious cash.

What I’m saying here is after we had all moved to Burley/Heyburn, I got some bread and fetched my toew truck, LexiBelle, and a week later went for the rest of my stuff. I had called the owners of the house, got permission to enter the house,. The owners said go in the back door. I still had a key. So I did, got the Bed loaded, most of my clothes and was just carrying out my dishes, when here came Cokeville’s grand police Department with guns pulled, and was all to trigger happy. The one cop told me to drop everything, when I told the cop I would after setting my dishes on the truck. The idiot was going to shoot me. I was defamed right there, handcuffed and all. After they were told that what I was saying was real, I was let loose. But I should have sued that bunch up the wazzoo, including the jerk that conned me into going there, the money for the business license was never refunded. But God says to forgive, forget, and be patient with those who do not know better. All of this was simply because a few of the well to do’s there and the fuzz chief and all could not distinguish between the two meanings of the word Hooker. They thought I meant>DPA_Thigh_Highs_Printed2 

but really meant>holmes eh but I should’ve sued.

It’s all a moot point, now, since the statute of limitations is up, but my how I’m patient with some real idiots.


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I was so hungry I could have eaten a horse. But only pigs were available.
Proverbs 19:20-21“Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

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