Friday, October 17, 2014

So what makes things different now than a year ago?

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So what makes things better now than it was a year ago? Or even several years ago? Simple, I now have the money that the Feds, and the Marines give me each month, at my disposal. In other words, I have my money in my hands, each month without going through a payee, or a handler. Likewise the club is being a bit easier in giving money when its justified. But as for me, each month on the first, I go to bank, I get money, no more having to go through ten people on a board of directors as it was with Cousin Bud and the Montgomery Foundation, I no longer have to be a steely eyed wolf looking at the mailbox like a hungry wolf looking at a fawn looking at dinner, just to get a meezly few hundred bucks, or having to ask everybody for chew money. That’s what makes it different.

As for communications its no longer tethered to just Cable-One or Comcast, with us with Digis, Our Boise, Buhl, Twin Falls and Burley stations can have Internet, add to that Pocatello, Blackfoot Idaho. As for TV, this year is the last season of SOA, and outside of a very few TV channels a digital antenna and a tuner gets-r-done. Quite frankly there’s not much on cable or satellite any more that I want to, or desire to watch.

Now then talking about TV even local.

I love the programming on METV, especially running Black Sheep Squadron. You’d think that the local affiliate of METV would get excited about honoring the request of a group, that is comprised mostly of Veterans who flew with as well as currently serve in the REAL VMA214 based out of Yuma Arizona. More over one would think that TV stations and a small network, who I’ll bet your next inspection, could use more ad dollars. Yet we get ignored, sounds like the same fight we had in Twin at ch-11 there don’t it.

What I can’t fathom is that a group, that rakes in just over $2,million a year in revenue both dues and sponsorships, is having such a time , getting an

ad on METV ? Just to create a buzz on TV bringing awareness to military aviation enthusiasts as well as all BlackSheep Veterans that there is a streaming online radio station out there just for them. Is Ch-4 and its sales crew, military insensitive? Is Ch-4 too arrogant to respond to a sales inquiry, and more over do we as a club, have to put up our own TV station just get this done? There is a digital signal out there that leases for $3,000.00 a month that we can indeed put up a station.

Look at what we have done with HazzardAyre Radio, do we have to put up HazzardAyre TV as well? Just to get the locals here to sit up and give us some attention? A simple response to our inquiry here would be great as well. All the sales team at Ch-4 needs to do with regard to us on METV is send us an email saying we don’t want your account. Then we could look elsewhere. But keeping us on extended hold, is just not professional. If Broadcast TV wants to go the distance, with so many other platforms and ways to watch , having a stuck up sales team is not going to gain you any favorites. In fact your station could in fact loose the next license renewal application.

Time to go home.

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