Wednesday, October 22, 2014

After it all, couldn’t we have done this in Twin Falls?


The questions have been coming in faster than a stallion peeing. There is a long, hard road taking the vast majority of what was re-created in 2008 as the Knytes-of-Anarchy, back into the Rode Knytes Association.

The questions though were based on the situation of being online. The fact is no we couldn’t have done in Twin Falls what we have been albeit by clawing and scratching, but what we have achieved here in Metro-Utah.

Yes the initial hurry was to meet the requirements to get connected to Comcast. Something, now looking back, we should not have done. I do not fault Laura of the Colorado Springs Colorado office of Comcast. She did a grand job, But she is but one person who exceeds the needs of her clients. She no more could prevent the disconnect we are going through from Comcast than I do. The chain of process goes to accounts receivable and collections to a bunch of people that do not see the bigger picture, is the problem.

The fact of moving from Twin Falls was not a complete blow out, we now have an office/studio that while not cheap, is manageable. The fact that I was to finally get the personal funds I get from DoD unclutched from trustees , I couldn’t have done without coming to Utah. That’s important, since the funds of the Knytes gets deposited in my account each month so I CAN pay the monthly bills. The shove off from Comcast is simply a full breech of contracted services by Comcast itself. If their clerical staff, would have some how sent paper rather than a email bill, which even that I never got, and how often did I tell Comcast what the email was and where to send it.

But they never did. As a result the account went delinquent and they expect us to cough up $1,200.00 bullshit

So Could we have done this in Twin Falls? Yes on one part, no on the other.

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