Thursday, November 6, 2014

So wound up can’t even piss

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Yesterday was a day I’d just asoon forget, yet it wasn’t until near 20:00PM that I finally made it to the joint in Ogden.

Had mini Wolf all loaded up but wouldn’t ya’ll know it? Just as I hit hit mid way on 89, left front tire puked.

So tried to fix it, but found that the spare I had, wasn’t even on the right wheel. GM car, but bolt pattern slightly askew.

Finally had to call my friends at Intermountain Tow for a lift to Brian’s. Got there, the dang kind nearly had it but broke the wheel

stud, so this caused a delay in my relocation from the joint to the office where I’ll bed down for the next three weeks.

Now just waiting for CenturyLink.

Moving onto the abyss here.

There are things that occur that are only temporary and yet can frustrate the heck out you.

Like the tire deal yesterday, sure it all took longer than expected, sure it was a pain in the six and of course digs into my limited wallet deeper. That said we are getting there.

HazzardAyre from its origin to now has went through near obscure to the sublime back to getting kicked in the groin, and back again. Vendors like Comcast claim a bunch of things but fails to deliver. Whilest and not a complete fan, but CenturyLink, does get there albeit limited fashion but it gets there. The people on the other end were able to get me the phone numbers I wanted for the HQ here, plus able to host and help to construct our needed website to be a companion to our radio stream, on LiveStream. Even so, is there a slightly slower up load than download? Of course, ever know a upload to be faster than download? We’re going to test the stream later tonight.

Why the switch? When Comcast can’t get their crap together, long enough to keep their records and conversations with customers especially a radio station customer straight and their billing department says the bills were sent the paper ones, yet weren’t The amount due creeps up. Is that our fault? No, its  the fault of corporate America, and the biggest pain of them all, Comcast.

Anymile we’re up again, let ya’ll know how well it all works in the weeks to come.


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Quote of the Day:
Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.
--Dr. Laurence J. Peter
Ephesians 1:9-10“he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.”

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