Sunday, November 9, 2014

I Just can’t stand Utah ignorance nor Civilian Stupid


Population numbers and economic conditions says most telecoms are not enough ROI(Return-on-Investment) to bring an efficient and near as possible to bullet proof Internet.

Yet you’ll hear on TV Comcast belching about they are doubling speed, its near fast enough the product isn’t the problem, it’s the people dealing the product that is the malady.Comcast says they’re better than CenturyLink, yet if you do a speed check, you’ll see your no where near 150 mbps download, nor 50 mbps upload, but damn your sure paying for it. In fact if you call Comcast up on the phone,  they’re only response is change out a modem, reality? the damn thing is not able to generate those speeds. I say be realistic Comcast. The ancient system you inherited from A.T.&.T needs to be optic at best not coax, and a bigger pipeline built. Then the quoted speeds are then possible.

Of course CenturyLink is not exempt from making claims they simply can’t back up.

Even the installation guys are just wire connectors. What needs to happen is a computer geek, go out with the wire connectors then one might get what your paying for. But hold on we’re not yet done. I’m paying for 60 mbps down and at least 30 mbps up. Yet I’m barely creeping up the light beam, at 3 mbps up, and just under 20 mbps, down. CenturyLink says they’ll be in on Tuesday to render an upgrade, what about doing it right the first time? These people should be pilots first and at best military pilots second, they’d realize that in the air there is no such thing as a second chance. You can’t do a redoux or pull over if something goes sour. At 40,000 if something on that byrd pukes its hold onto your ass, because your about to loose it.

If you think like a pilot, you act and do things different. You go for precision and perfection, same goes for a Marine Pilot. Lessons learned in combat applied in civilian life makes for a better outcome.

Is there a telecom that does it right?

Yes, in Kamas Utah is a little rural home based and governed telecom, called AllWest. I can remember that when we set up camp there in 2005, AllWest came over and had us hooked up fast, there was a few headaches, but AllWest came over fast even at night in a near blinding snow, added a powered booster and did not leave until the entire system was firing on all 32 cylinders. If I could only get that from Comcast, Cable-One and CenturyLink, I’d be tickled.

I just can’t stand Utah ignorance nor civilian stupid. I understand it, in this area unless the whatever is addressed in the B-O-M, or D&C, it ain’t going to get done right.

More on this, Tuesday.


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