Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thinking of cutting the cord

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B4 I get into my rant here and we’ll be talking about this on the overnight Hazzard haul, in the ongoing research of the fascination men have over a woman in nylons, and its not just me. The current fashion of many women is that they do not wear nylons, or leggings simply because according to the research at Hazzard County University, they feel like rubbing pieces of 300 grit sand paper, and so on. Yet, as it was said in the old Haynes ads, men prefer a woman in nylons. I agree, again it’s a siliquy that its like a trick truck or hot rod, steel wheels, are like bare legs, fine and okay, but put on chrome wheels, or in the case of a lady’s great legs, nylons add that slight upscale touch of eloquence. Nylons on a gals legs just make legs look better.

So the natural instinct of many male corpuscles, is to caress those silky stocking legs. So I Googled the task and found many porno style videos, not really all that powerful, so I Googled the Guinness book of World records, no record of how long a man can truly with only a few short breaks if any are needed at all, of how long a man can kiss a woman’s toes in nylon hose. Now b4 ya’ll get thinking I’m satisfying a fetish, don’t.

As far back as I can remember the idea of the two words TOE and TOW has been a tag line for many a towing company. So we got to thinking what if we could raise some money for Childrens Hospitals, by having pledges to just how long this old Wolf can kiss a woman’s toes in hose, with LexiBelle>lexi in green miniin the background. Playing on the two words. So we’re looking for some eye candy with shapely legs, small toes and all for this attempt to set a World Record. The event will be at our display at the 2015 running of the PartsPlus AutoRama at the Southtowne expo center in March. Details on how you can apply to be the eye candy will be on our ads on COZI .

Speaking of TV. Cable is going away. While slightly expensive, having cable at least for me, is stupid. Buying a converter box, a digital antenna I can watch all the free TV networks, broadcast channels, without having that $200.00 a month cable TV bill.

Let’s face it most if not all the broadcast OTA stations have bought channels plus the networks have stepped up. Oh sure the final season of SOA is now running, but that you can watch online for a slight fee, plus will no doubt be available on DVD in a few months, same with the Dukes-of-Hazzard. My view is why spend extra for cable if you don’t need to? Sure Airwolf is running on Esquire TV, but too, after Comcast that I trusted in wouldn’t even attempt to work things out on a payment plan so we could continue having the package lovely Laura, set up for us, add to that, there seems to be a slight uptick in the amount due each month. OTA TV is free. So that’s how I’m going, as far as the Knytes and AyreWolvez, by Comcast not even trying to work things out so we could retain the package, cost us $51,000.00 in lost revenue that screwed up a bunch of things including me having to sleep here in the office, until I can find a domicile in my price range. So Comcast has lost 50,000 subscribers, 1,000 of them just in Utah, from club members cutting the cord in loyalty of and to the club, plus Comcast is going to be at the end of a law suit of us recovering that $51,000.00 . Why couldn’t they just call us after the first months lapse in no payment of the first bill we missed since we signed up with them? Therefore watch the news, I’m inviting KSL TV 5 News along for this ride.

If you think your getting a great deal from Cable and/or satellite, think again, best course of action? Cut the cord, watch free TV. And watch the ads for HazzardAyre Radio, Cooter’s A1 Toewing , and of course the AyreWolvez on COZI TV.


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