Thursday, November 13, 2014

So Long Antwanette I knew you were not Knytes able

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Good morning, bet ya’ll didn’t think snow and cold yet. Up Hazzard way its really snow and high winds.

Seems Antwanette decided that she couldn’t wait so she bailed, figured as much. Some got the moxy for being one of the crew of the Knytes, some don’t. She sort of did, but I think hubby and all said this ain’t making money fast enough. Thing is and what few understand, is even though I make look like a starving artist, the true fact is the club has backing, in such forms as the old Dukes crew and cast, one of which is the current President of the Knytes. That’s why the rent on the office is always paid ON TIME, and even though Comcast got behind only due to their being stupid that to would have been paid if they’d have just been a bit more patient.

So I took Antwanette off of the majority of the mailing lists, cut up the sox she left and say to her good luck.

Okay then on a positive note.

The side channel of KSL, COZI is now the official TV avenue for the Knytes. You’ll soon see ads on there for the Knytes as well as both the AyreWolvez as well as HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM. We’ll be dealing with a film production company, too bad that Antwanette bugged out just when things were getting going.

Sorry about last night but I got busy towing and could not be on air last night, which is part of the things

I want to expand upon right now.

One of many reasons but the one of those reasons, we established this office here rather than run it out of say the RoadHouse in Ogden, was so we could hire at least two on air personalities so that when I need to go do a tow there’s someone in the cockpit here doing HazzardAyre.

Okay sure wanted(still do) a great looking seatcover(woman) to be in the hot seat here, but none become available, so the search continues, but rest assured we’ll be on air tonight.

Any route, COZI is where you’ll start seeing the ads for the club, HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM and of course my company, Cooter’s A1 Toewing /Hazzard County Choppers. Now we just need to find the lady eye candy to be our pitch girl.

So in closing; adios Antwanette.


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