Thursday, November 6, 2014

Things the elections can’t or will not fix, I voted Confederate States Party

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The best alternative title for this entry is; can I have a refund with that?

As many of you now should know, in the process of heading back to Twin Falls and A1 and the whole thing there.

What you may not know is why.

It’s not the entire state, nor is it that everybody here is ignorant nor all being arrogant. The thing is there are too many who hunger for greed.

While it is important to make a fair wage for a days or in my case nights work, still there is a point that goes over the basic comfort line to the let’s see how much we can get, lets see how we can scratch out of even the lessor of the population.

Let’s go over the thing here.

The office of Weber County Mental Health, and the Midtown Medical clinic is one of the poorest, inefficiently ran organizations and operation that I have ever seen.

Out of 10 times going in there its only 3 times, that ANYBODY there knew who was on first, and who was on third base. The rest of the time its too many having no idea and those that do, not taking responsibility or avoiding responsibility. Then there’s this outfit, called PAAG, for discount housing. Guess what I take time away from my duties in this period of crisis, and find out without a bunch of money in my pocket still can’t get in.

How about telling someone that they need to have first month, last month, and a deposit, to get in the door? It’s called honesty.

Now Charlie at A1, is pushing to get me into my old place there in Twin Falls, trouble is I’m loosing money waiting, but the wait will be worth it so as I had predicted I’m stuck here at the HQ of HazzardAyre Radio for a few weeks, but at least there’s a roof over thine head and being warm, and all, just no shower. Which after nearly two months, without one since Questar stubbed the pooch and sent my dead cousin, the gas bill , and let that go on for 5 months. The excuse from them, was you kept using the resource. Trouble is I thought the damn Landlord was paying that since he took out of my monthly stipend from SSI money to pay the gas bill. Where did the money go? In his pocket.

Then there is the predatory loan companies. Called Check advance and such places. Here’s the gig, in their ad's it says, hey come on in we don’t do credit checks or credit worthiness checks, Bullshit. They say that your pre approved for a minimum amount. Sure you are. They consult with their underwriters who does a scratch and sniff at your FICA score, anything less than 600 your told sorry. But they didn’t say that in their ads. The reason they got away with that even though there were and are many complaints filed with the Utah Department of Consumer Protection, is that good old former AG, Mark Shurtlifft and his cronies got election kick backs.

Awhile ago I saw this thing on KSL News, about Utah being rated as one of if not the best place in the Union, to live etc. The secondary to say Disneyland. Oh its DisneyLand alright. But not in a good way. The plentiful jobs, low cost of living etc they say is here is just a bunch of blowhards. Rent is twice as much as any state around Utah, including Idaho and Wyoming. Fuel is more expensive, taxation is 4 times that of any surrounding state, even things as Simple as Skoal, or Copenhagen is higher here twice as much as any surrounding state, it’s the hidden LDS sin Tax, that few are told about. Anything that kicks against part 89 of the LDS, D&C, will cost you more here. Forget about real beer here. Brewskies here are at 3.2 octane, but surrounding states 6.9 octane. The list goes on but I say let’s hear the truth for once about things and places. Even TV stations that say yes but in reality should just be honest at the get go, and say no.

At least two good things that came out of the 9 month adventure. ! got my money coming directly at me, in my pocket every month. Second have an office and HQ for HazzardAyre.

About us and SOA? That in my next entry.

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