Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why should our flag have anything to do with it?

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Yesterday I had a rather stiff conversation with an exec at KTVX, over the phone.

The conversation went in the direction of the Southern battle flag might offend some people, and thus they are reluctant to air anything to do with our MC. Which is I guess part of the continued Yankee myth, and disinformation that HazzardAyre is on the air to educate and dispel that myth.

Something to do with some political correct types not being too much into our flag and southern heritage and history.

The fact that one can, discern from such YouTube postings of I Am Their Flag, that says our flag does NOT belong in the hands that HATE, or cause harm, but as a symbol of a people that were invaded by the north and taken over or being overtaxed, and oppressed , and yet these same people will flagrantly display colors of Native Americans and symbols, of a aggressive land take over by white people as happened in American history as the USA Government came north, forcing Native Americans to live on reservations in near poverty yet that does not bother anyone, and will be put on air faster than Boss Hogg eating raw liver.

So again I can sort of see the reluctance after all don’t want to get that FCC license yanked.

Thing is since 1978 The Hazzard County Knytes(Knytes-of-Anarchy) has been doing over the air radio from 5 regional radio stations in Wyoming and Idaho, displaying and teaching southern heritage and history, the fact that one of if not thee currently leading online radio stations, www.dixiebroadcasting.com as well as us here at HazzardAyre Radio www.livestream.com/hazzardayre teaches southern heritage historical topics and is chipping away the rock of bigotry and hypocrisy of the Yankees and yet we get snubbed. Again this can be forgiven to a point.

Today is Veteran’s Day in the USA, people are honoring military service members from all branches of service, and yet an organization that speaks of this and represents the hundreds of military aviators, tells the stories of air battles, and restores and flys the real warbirds, can’t even get a ad on TV during a albeit not exactly accurate, but at least honoring military flight, of one of our most endeared squadrons, which many of us in the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association flew with and for, can’t even get an ad on BlackSheep Squadron about our small online radio show, www.livestream.com/ayrewolffm .

Yet I’ll bet I count at least 4 news stories on CH-4 about how America at least Utah, with Hill Air Force Base amongst others are military, or owe their jobs to American Military, much of it Military Flight, and yet CH-4 is spooked by not being politically Correct? We get the bird from a TV station a small network METV ? Really? On a Sunday night at 6:00PM for one hour a week.

Now I can sort of understand CH-4 Being a bit tipsy over Cooter’s A1 Toewing, or Dixie Toewing in Wyoming, I can see CH-4 and Comcast being a bit stubborn on Hazzard County Choppers during CHIPS on Ch-4 , or Sons of Anarchy, with the Hazzard County southern flag and all, okay, but to deny the AyreWolvez to air an ad for a online radio station on BlackSheep Squadron? Which has only two real symbols,>ayrepatchand the other being of the squadron itself that many of us in the AyreWolvez flew with and still fly with, our current members of the AyreWolvez are still active members of the current VMA214 USMC MCAS Yuma Arizona, >225pxVma214aDoes make one question, CH-4’s loyalties, don’t it?

Again why should our southern flag have anything to do with it, maybe its time Northern Yankees need to widen their focus.

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