Thursday, November 6, 2014

Back in the saddle again and home to Idaho after the holidays


Think I found a solution to my living quarters problem, but the $602.00 cost of admission is a bit steep. Considering office rent and old Lil Wolf breaking down. Fortunately I had enough to do a band aide repair, but needs more to get-r-done complete.

Called big C(Charlie) in Twin Falls, looks as if the place I had there is going to be available come February of 2015. Which means just after the holidays I can if all goes well move back home, get my old job back at A1 and get to establishing some roots.

Thing is pending and I’m excited about that.

Where I lease office space here in Woods Cross, says no can do a extended stay as far as here being quarters, except for overnight radio gigs, so the place in Ogden at Park Avenue Apartments makes the best sense for all needs concerned.

So I turned to my friend and Bishop, for help. Hope he will do a one last thing here. Having a place with all things except cable TV surly is a God send blessing. Allowing me to get things ready for a late January early February departure.

On the subject of the radio show / station, it’ll stay where its at, a monthly run down here in ye ole General Jackson, do all the voice overs and all, then being to exit, and go back to Twin to do tow duties, also facilitates a bunch of things.

Hope this gets posted, the wifi connection I have here now is slow, but dig this come Thursday, we get CenturyLink, and I can tell Comcast goodbye.

Comcast is good for TV , not internet nor phone and certainly not for business.

TTYLY Until Thursday.

L8R Aviators,


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