Sunday, November 9, 2014

Point of return


Colonels Journal HedderAfter a ruff night and after finding a spot on my south pacific futon couch I got some sleep.

Something has been troubling me here and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it goes to the only gal that came in nylon hose willing to allow me to scratch and sniff, is getting fidgety.

I think she thinks it’s a go no where.

Which is not right since we are moving albeit at a snails pace, but moving in the right direction now.

She’s not comfortable to work a mortgage right now on this house she suggested, but there are programs out there that on the face value can make that happen between 3 people. More over , the club might be willing to pony up some money on a place under a 3 people house , that could double as the clubs RoadHouse. But rather than come over the idea is trashed. All I’d like is for her to roll over and lets go take a look. If the Knytes called it quits when its just an obstacle in the path, there would be no radio station, no HazzardAyre, no Reaper Club, no ClubMajor Bar & Grill, and there would be nothing else. Its part of the Marine motto, do or die. If you commit to an attack follow through.

Then there was mention of a gal Antwanette knows that might be good for a few photo op’s. No problem, thing of until there is a photo shoot date not interested. We’d have shot by now, but lets see been troubled with self survival, including and still am in finding a apartment/house to cover my head for yet another year. but that said, I’m looking at between now and just after Thanksgiving to doing a photo op, and production. The thing is, as of to date, outside of several gab sessions, Antwanette has yet to come in and do the toes under my nose against my lips practice session, nor being on air. But going past that.

LiL Wolf is getting some needed attention, once out of Kings First Stop, and here, the project of going into SLC snagging some vid gear and shooting, even having her hubby do the photog work. If I were Antwanette , I’d be dropping into studio, in musky hose and lets do some smooching of those toes under my nose. Lets get it practiced and rehearsed so a photog session can be engaged.

It’s being seriously looked on as well to me going back to point of origin, Twin Falls, so training Antwanette to not only do the make-up and hair, but hiring talent , co-coordinating talent,plus maintaining the studio here is vital.

Understand that while its not on commission, but the deal goes, for every dollar that HazzardAyre Radio makes, she’s keeping 50 cents on each of those dollars. The club keeps 25 cents, and 25 cents on each dollar is put towards the studio office rent, new equipment, and of course just keeping on air. The more money she helps us make the more she and her hubby makes. As for me the way its structured, I make money toewing/flying and military retirement/SSA money. What’s clipped my wings, has been putting more than I get on my own into HazzardAyre, each month. Plus the stress of getting and keeping a roof over my head. I’m confident next month I’ll find something, but there’s two maybe 3 weeks in November, if there’s to be photo sessions its time for rehearsals and writing script/copy and Antwanette learning how to read such on air. That means Antwanette needs to get in here to studio, and lets get busy.

CenturyLink, versus Comcast, that in my next report.


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