Monday, November 10, 2014

Military Aviation group launches online radio station for military pilots


Military pilots are a rare breed. We do our duty or flying to defend the nation, support ground troops. There is a bond that occurs between a combat pilot, and the bird or plane he or she is flying.

The AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association is a group of 5,000 nationwide, who love military aircraft, both fighters, bombers as well as combat helicopters and flight.

The history these aircraft can tell if they could only talk.

Seems at the end of a conflict, everyone except the pilots are honored and celebrated.

To that end, The AyreWolvez launch AyreWolfFM over , bringing memories and education of military aviation into computers , Ipods, Ipads and other mobile online devices.

Listen in to us, at and sign up to be a member of the Wolf-Pack of the AyreWolvez, by calling 801-292-9653 , that’s 801-292-WOLF , you’ll learn what you never knew before. BlackSheep Squadron is not just a TV show from the mid 1980’s, Greg Boyington was one of the greatest combat pilots of them all, and did you know that the founder of the BlackSheep which was originally called Boyington’s Bastards, was born and raised in Saint Mary’s Idaho? This is the knowledge you’ll gain by tuning into AyreWolfFM and ayrewolf radio. at . We fly, we educate, we live our aviation history with pride. If you’re a military aviation fan, or a combat pilot, join us, and tune into our radio network, .