Monday, November 10, 2014

Hardly any room at the Inn at least for a Confederate Kountry guy


Colonels Journal HedderSo it looks like I wont be homeless for very long, but my is it an uphill battle.

I have called all too many people, including Big C, apparently my old place there in Twin Falls wont be available for the immediate future. So called some club members in Evanston, and looks as though there are some places there, thing is in a area of 300,000 plus, not being able to find a place for under $500.00 a month is completely baffling.

It’s not like Los Angeles where albeit slim, but jobs can be found there.

Here , although some will argue, there is not that much outside jobs although they can be found, yet the fact is, there just is no room at the Inn.

So I scanned via the cyber highway of many places, all under $500.00 a month, but guess what? Most if not all are in either Wyoming, or Idaho. There is a place in Ogden but damn the cost of entry is expensive, know more by months end.


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