Saturday, November 8, 2014

Do you say anything or just shut up?


This morning trying to get my body straight after sleeping cramped, Antwanette came over. She had what a real rash on her chin and throat. My instincts wanted to mention it but out of respect and all I shut up, but should I have said anything?

So about 2:00PM strolled over to the A&W, here, and in came a bunch of real fat women. I’m not talking baby after weight or just a but tubby, but 10 ton Tessie’s. If that were not enough , they’re table manners was atrocious, not to mention but I will, just plain rude. Add to that they really stunk. Not just a slight musk, but near skunk piss stink. Trouble is, one covered it with some odd perfume. Should I have said something? I thought on it and finally had dismiss myself and quietly remove myself from the scene. Etticut is not taught much in this environment of the 21st Century, but trust me it should be.

What would you do?

Okay then, with HazzardAyre offline, but still on LPFM, the thoughts of re launching HazzardAyre as a stand alone publication to be called the HazzardAyre Gazzette, is on the planning table of the club. We looked into this in Burley at the reformation of our mediawerx, in 2012.

This would require and demands even more visual eye candy for featured rides.

What would be the look of the HazzardAyre Gazzette? Call it a mixed bag of feature writing, with rides. From Rat rods, to rat rod style aircraft. Think of a Bell 222A, in just primer?

Last here, a close friend not of our two wheeled community asked me what the purpose is of a rescue truck on long haul bike rides. Its just that, the rescue truck. There to render aid to broke down scoot, or for transport of an injured bike and its rider.

I add that , since the idea of LiL Wolf was always to be the rescue truck for the Knytes. So there is a concept of stretching the frame on LiL Wolf, and adding a sub frame and a working rollback carrier bed, just heavy and strong enough to transport bikes of the Harley nature.

There’s going to a pictorial progress feature in the HazzardAyre Gazzette. With Antwanette doing the infamous toe kiss at the start of the project, then doing it again at the end of the project sometime in April.

Antwanette suggested a new entry to the talent pool. The thought she mentioned was that her friend was a bit overweight. So what? Every great looking gal on the pages of a performance magazine does not have to have or be a blonde/red head, with a Gstring and bikini in thick plastic heels. Which is what HazzardAyre Gazzette is all about, to be the publication of gearheads, that features REAL women, not the biggest breasts or a big butt with lots of junk in her trunk.

Next time we’ll deal with a question asked by Antwanette, no the Knytes are not Freemasons or anything close.


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Quote of the Day:
The real trap of fame is its irresistibility.
--Ingrid Bengis
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