Friday, October 3, 2014

The saddle is on the other horse

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I just had to throw this in this morning, as it’s a reverse of last year this time.

Last year the big fuss for us here at HazzardAyre was gleaning the newscasts, for stories for on air. Many of these we’d get from video feeds off of newscasts.

So this morning and for mere entertainment, I went online to KSL –TV 5 ‘s site, got just to catch if any new news had came out from the death of some friends in Springville Utah.

Well got to mid point of the weather on KSL, and the dang page froze, kept getting this DNS 404 message. Now might could be computer ? Right? Nope! To do a quick diagnosis looked in on KTVB CH-7’s early cast, and no problems at all, except when I went to check email. Which makes you think, no not thinking of moving to Boise or that side of Idaho, but maybe Utah needs to refine its high and mighty attitude and not condemn Idaho, more over the just an old farmer thing. Idaho may be just a bunch of potato farmers, but Idaho’s KTVB has better streaming ability, than Utah’s KSL.

Something to think about.


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--Samuel Goldwyn
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