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The Scents of a woman

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With the attention to detail of the deed of me smooching toes in nylon hose to emphasize or target two common words that are spelled different, mean something different, but sound alike and even on a computer the E and W are so close to each other that a mis-spell is not only possible , but occurs fairly often. So with that in mind and for the better or worse over the years casting for Cooter’s A1 Toewing, for a Cinderella to allow me to kiss her toes I have became somewhat an expert on the subject.

That said, the question is always put forward, just what is a woman’s feet and or toes in nylons supposed to smell and of course taste like?

I shouldn’t say it like this, but in a slight way it is exact. A woman’s healthy, feet and toes in nylons smell and have a slight musk aroma, with the taste of slightly overcooked chicken. Of course there are changes in PH levels that make some feet smell like Fritos Corn Chips, a slightly unclean foot will smell similar to chicken noodle soup. If her feet and/or toes taste like pasta she’s got a chemical imbalance like type-2 diabetes. Yes you can check that condition this way.

However there are other smells or aromas that emanate from a woman’s body that are both pleasing, as well as rather foul.

Many situations can change these smells, none the least not showering, etc .

The mere idea that a woman going to poop is not supposed to smell is fooling himself. Most women depending on diet will have a healthy pee-ewe. However with the presumption that women are princess’s and thus all sweet smelling all the time will catch the wrath and fire of his lady if he enters while she’s doing number 2.

The other smells, one not touched on much because most men would never detect it, nor understand it.

The term Queef is a term not usually used in most mixed company situations. The condition occurs when air gets trapped inside the vagina, and is expelled similar with no sound like passing gas(fart). The smell usually is similar to someone burning toast in a fry pan with too much cooking oil. If she’s just finished urinating the smell will be that of burning water.

Then there is of course passing gas. Despite the of not my lady , yes women do pass gas. Depending on diet again, and time of month will determine usually how odoriffic it’ll be. Remember air from a woman passing gas goes two directions, one rearward and can go forward through or pass by the vagina, which if she was quaffing, will be a strange odor, resembling that of Mentholatum.

The underarms too will smell different on a woman than it does us male corpuscles. Reason, again the slight chemistry difference between the genders, her PH levels, sugar conversion and so on will make her underarms and sweat, smell like ammonia , or rather salty. Why talk about this. In making tender love to your lady, if her sweat and other fluids begin to get a slight sweet sugary taste or smell, start thinking liver, pancreas or kidney failure. As it is in diabetes.

Next time,

The slang terms of one of the sweetest places on earth the female human vagina.

It’s not just a fish taco.


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