Monday, October 20, 2014

That’s what I thought, but had to ask

hazzardayre poster boardWOLF PHOOTENOTES

Okay so I missed church Sunday. Not something I had in mind , in fact had my alarm set to go.

However with the junk of the previous week, I just curled up with my church books and read. Plus you might say I’m between

Wards. So the Padre saying no, is not something I was surprised to read, but you’d think as a send off good luck gesture, putting some go fluid in the Wolf-Pup, even on a loan basis , to be repaid on the first, would have been okay, but nope. Oh well.

However it stems back to the first note played here in Metro-Utah, even having to bumb a few gift cards to get a blanket and a pillow and a bit of food, from Target stores since I was between checks like now should have been a red flare. But the mission of the club was important. So I persevered. Understand, I do not want or am not in the habit of begging, much less the Padre for a bite to eat, or paying rent. Previous to this, the only time I had to ask the superficial Church anything was when my step daughter had a appendix attack in Paul Idaho and after paying for that on my own, we needed food.

So we move on.

I knew going back to the Well, was a big if, but had to try, but I knew even when I asked it would be know you can only go to the Well so many times.

Idaho/Wyoming looking better everyday.

The chances of me dropping anchor in anywhere Metro-Utah is a crap shoot. You’d have better luck playing the Wyoming lottery.

I do plan on being at Church this Sunday, that is if my truck will start to venture up there.

Much to do between now and Wednesday, but will see ya’ll then, I’m going to the RoadHouse, eat and hit the bed I’m through for one day. Got everything communications wise extended to Friday.



Quote of the Day:
Your heart often knows things before your mind does.
--Polly (Pearl) Adler
Psalm 51:12“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

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