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2010, the year that will not let go Hazzard Ayre Edition 4

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A year ago saw SAMCRO on the verge of success. When the unspeakable happened , DixieBelles carb developed a crack by the accelerator pump, and required replacement. While I could have done it myself if the greedy buttwipe who rented us an unheated hangar at GCAPRT, decided he needed the space to sell. Still has not sold. So I had DixieBelle carried over to a former associate, but found the bill of $700.00 to fix the old girl a bit steep. Yes I got the shaft from Jim’s Auto Repair in Gooding. Wont go back there again. But the result was money that sweet Nurse GoodBody paid for us was just the start of a year that I’d like to forget and so would SAMCRO. If anything 2010 proved that outside of the club, one can’t trust no one. Especially northern Yankees. What flows out the jaw is not what is, and a economy that has nearly brought this nation to the ground, has made crooks out of most every body. There is one thing called survival, there’s another called Greed, and greed is more prevalent. Okay so we got to the first week of February, cousin Bud was ill so it was late getting money from SAMCRO HQ, as such , again greedy, Rick Strickland, of Strickland Realty of Gooding, finds the need to lock us out of the studios , for only one months back rent. Not seeing the forest for the trees, shit we had just contracted with numerous ad accounts that totaled nearly $5,000.00 yet because of no patience he locks the door, without warning, and was so sneaky, about it, waited until I went to dinner to do it. Yep, was there all day, all going good, new hires, just needed food input and to host a show. I leave at 16:00 hours , return at 17:00 hours, and could not get in. Still trying to catch up on that, as that deed due to immediate greed by ole Richard Strickland, also made a bunch of supporters, not so supportive.

Internal conflicts after that put AyreWolf FM on hold, but not dead. Still trying to gather together new gear and get all of that smoothed out. So moved to Bliss , Idaho, population 224 got booted from one cafe there because I was being kind to a slut who hid little revealed all including oversized knockers, but oh well. It took until mid June, but by the first of July, I had moved here to Buhl. As such the Idaho HQ of all SAMCRO, moved as well. An office space at 1041/2 Broadway, here in Buhl, is still the chosen location, for what is KDXB FM 105.7 Buhl, Idaho the voice of the modern confederacy and southern spirit. What we found was that old building equals old outdated wiring, and plumbing. Which we are still engineering and working on which is the delay still on opening up the place, since our plumber and electrician both are in Afghanistan , and Iraq respectfully, so we need to find other qualified, service providers. Once the infrastructure is secure, then in moves pro broadcast gear, and by April of this year we should be on air and on line.

By mid October, found part time employment with a member of the Knytes as well as because of another member of the Knytes. Got going toewing again, bought a new for me hot rod, Mustang, so the year rounds out a bit better than it started. While something’s will carry over to 2011, 2010 will be one year , I’ll be glad to close the door on.

Over the year, though I met of course , Nurse GoodBody, Ellie-May, is the sweetest, most kind hearted and most precious person, that I have ever met. Surly a Angel from God’s great throne, and one if not already hitched , I would love to hold for life as MY wife aka my SheWolf. Life in Idaho, or life as it is , would be unbearable if not for the occasional shots of encouragement , and love shared between her and I. Ellie May , you made me what I am today.

In fact Ellie May was and is the only real good coming out of 2010. Emme Lou, decided her school and day job schedule was too tight for her to be involved, in AyreWolf FM, a bit blind sited but hey, nothing on air as of yet so I can understand.

Through some big mama, called Seared threw a wrench in the fan of our ayre werx, but not , the Knytes, nor the AyreWolvez. We just decided to expand our efforts both on line and in print. To get the words of SAMCRO and the rest of the organization out. While , I’m still eyeing very strongly relocating to either the Mini Cassia area of Idaho, or southeastern Idaho. Utah in 2012 or early 2013.

Of course , powers that be, thought because of my PTSD and such that I  needed to see a shrink. So I got this Marine, PSR and some gal who primarily treats families and unwed mothers with kids. Some selection, but hey , the Tragic Valley is limited on many resources, including mental health.

Yet as this is New Years eve, and the only reason I want the new year to arrive, being its pay day from the State and grub 2010, is just creeping away, at a turtles pace.

Next edition; Plans for 2011 and beyond.

L8R Confederates

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Happy New Year , Ya’ll-AyreWolf.

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