Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How do I measure success , I measure success by dependability and dedication

How does Hazzard County measure success? Simply by dependability, and dedication to task. Not just the money to be made or to make. You do something for the purity of it. More over your word has to be gold, or truthful. If you say your going to be there, be there, if you say you want a return phone call, answer the phone. If your looking to be cast in one of our organizations TV or film projects, if you inquire , leave a real phone number, or email. If you say your in it be in it, or don't bother us. We don't have time or desire to coddle you. The idea of a movie based on the history and life of the Hazzard County Knytes, was suggested 5 years before Howard Stern's movie Private Parts. However Howard's film got us in the move of that groove, but lack of available talent for such things, we put the idea on the back burner, and we went after our radio and publishing operations. Even after that the idea kept buzzing around and we considered it at the dawning of HazzardAyre. Thing was like now, who is going to play all those parts we can't cover from organization membership and their wives, kids etc. So again the project went on the back shelf. However the idea resurfaced this past May during our organizations, High Council meeting. With the approaching of the activation of the HazzardAyre TV network, both on cable and satellite, we thought now might be the time to dust off the project. So in mid June the casting fever began. Somebody suggested trying Casting360 as a resource. So We placed a notice there. Last weekend this gal from Ogden, sent forth a reply. So not getting to excited, she called me yesterday, about the time as I was shutting my eyes after doing radio and going towing all night. Asked me to call her. Except no number. So looked up the number the message came from and tried to call twice with no luck. Thing is I don't have time for tire kickers. The way I measure the value of a serious talent, is when that talent shows up at the Wolf's Lair, walks up the stairs, sits down, in an interview chair, and can read basic copy, or able to at least slate, without coaching. Proof is in the boots being taken off,. Her getting compfy and chemistry being there as it was with Nurse GoodBody, without that, there can't be anything else. No matter the series or film, if the actor and/or actress are not of in sync or has chemistry then be as good as they might be, it wont work here. It's just like I told my wife to be last night on the phone, talent is serious when they are in front of me, not just online.