Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Where are all those casting inquries?

As the day begins to break into something called day, although here its overcast and damp, I was considering the plight of the major motion picture being undertaken by the Hazzard County Knytes(knights) Kustmz Association or for the simple minded, Hazzard County Knytes. When the idea came to me I thought, it might be a hoot, to do a film detailing the organizations history, as well as the start of HazzardAyre Radio, and HazzardLyfe TV. So after posting a thing on this outfit called Casting360, I thought and I'm nearly right, that few if anyone would even contact me or any of the rest of the film team. It sure is right. Oh we got a few people, mostly men, which we don't want or need. After all all male leads in the film are organization members. With only a very few and this is not to degrade, insult, or piss off any of our women aux members, but we just don't have a vast array of all that attractive female members. Only a very few are of such that could be cast, and will be contacted. However there is the first era of the organizations beginnings from the original founders as tweens to our school years which involves casting youngsters as us. Both male and female. Our early girl friends, the introduction to our early male to female interactions , our crushes our heartbreaks . To the very day we first organized as a 4-H truck transportation group, to the establishment of the UAITA, to the Hazzard County Knytes. The building of a one of a kind organization of at its cores a group, of Dukes-of-Hazzard fans coupled with a rural gearhead (Performance car,truck,bike enthusiasts) to the birth of the AyreWolvez, the history is the telling of a decade and a half of the history of the region which we are built in and of. Yet , hardly if any locals have stood up, but few local agencies(if you want to call them that) know of the project, still in construction. What kicks me in the groin is that you get a call or two, somebody sends you a pic or two, then you never hear from them. Why bother me or the film committee members if your not serious and just tire kicking? 
With a production budget of just over $1.5 Million, and all A list actors are beyond our ability, so the idea is use no name, unknown actors. Yet still no takers and no response. Granted the subject matter might be a bit foreign to most applicants, but too, when Howard Stern did his film, hardly anybody knew him at least in the Mountain West knew him either. 
Life rather lyfe goes on.