Friday, July 22, 2016

Sorry friends I interrupt my day because I'm having my male period and taking the day off

You wont hear or see much if anything on the daily news at 5-6&10PM about this, and even Dr. Oz never mentions this, and my an uproar would start on the Doctors. However men in fact do have periods. This malady is not just women any more. The condition is now just being recognized by our slow to come to point medical community, Its not always an accepted medical condition for us male corpuscles, but hey we have them. Usually male periods happen in mid to late summer and winter to spring. The term 7 year itch, or mid life crisis usually denotes the time in a mans life, when the periods stop. Usually at age 60 or so, and its term is menopause . Reason I bring this up is I saw a brief segment on TV on FoX News Channel, my is that place going to get a shake up now that their main Captain has been made to walk the plank, Any mile, on Fox and Friends this morning there was this clip about a guy refusing to go to work, because his period cramps were such that he could not hardly move. His employer of course cried foul ball, and terminated the mans employment. Now the man is suing over the situation. I say I hope the man wins, as it would set a legal counterpoint, and make the always excuse for women chopping off a mans penus or worse, and getting away with it saying she could not handle the emotional swing of her PMS and period. So what if a guy, has his period, PUWWS (putting up with womens shit) and whacks someone. Could he say oops , I was having my period judge and made a bad decision. Many of these violent outbreaks we are seeing across the Union, might just be linked to male periods, or now just might have that option for a defense. 
This is going to be interesting, and since I'm having my period today I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off. See you at 11:00PM on Livestream, and here locally over the air at 104.7 KKOD FM.