Thursday, July 21, 2016

The only thing Evanston Wyoming is missing is stanchons for the horses. Ain't got much of anything else.

The only thing missing in Evanston Wyoming is a place to tie the horses, in front of a business, a water trough and a horse feeder. Beyond that Evanston Wyoming, is greed and fraud or at least nearly that. I can see the day when Evanston, is smaller than Randolph Utah and there's many here that wish it would go back to that point. Honesty is not one of the attributes of this community, of nearly 80% Mormon and the rest trying to combat the malady of that denomination that infuses itself under the skin of many. While the peaceful scenic beauty is unmistakable, if you visit here don't expect much if any of anything in the way of modern technology, or anyone that can either repair it, or willing and able to fix or repair it. Your better off if you can to take whatever it is 100 miles south to either Salt Lake City or Ogden to get it repaired. You'll get it back faster. If your looking to create an enterprise outside of the box, beyond the mainline staples of getting drunk, or feed, or fuel, or a bed , forget it. We're lucky if there's a AutoZone and a Walmart, that in itself leaves much to be desired. 
The Knytes have decided to relocate the radio operation to Ogden Utah, as there is the human resources factor and low cost office space that NObody has a problem with turning or renting out as a radio production and business space. More over one can get office space there for under $500.00 a month, much of it with utilities furnished. Right down to a conference room, and even front office greeters supplied. Be nice to have a receptionist, that we don't have to chase down all the time. 
I used to wonder why there are so many property owners here that live and work elsewhere like in Metro-Utah. I don't wonder any more. It's better for business to do business in the neighboring state than here in Evanston.
I read and have heard all too many stores and rumors of remodeling the Etown, Round house here. Make it into a expo type structure. My question is why? Nobody in their right mind, and I say RIGHT mind, mine wasn't when I came and had Lil Wolf not frozen the first year , I wouldn't be here now. but anybody else in their right mind would never come up here and stage an event. Examples of that ? Check this out; the Knytes had all good intentions of staging the Hazzard Nationals aka DukesFest West here. Now granted expanding the community to 300,000 people in one weekend might have frightened them a bit, but its not just us. Selena Gomez was set to do a one night show here a year and a half ago at the Fairgrounds as part of a celebration. Some of the uptight bigots here said, nope, not her , she's too nasty. Same thing for Larry the Cable Guy, for the fair last year.  The list goes on.
The other night I commented on the fact that I don't bag or cuss out places without just cause. I have more than just cause, but more over I have ways to fix the problems. The difficulty in those solutions, is that I do not wear a black Elders missionary plaque on my 3 piece suit, and will not kiss the ass's of those who do. 
So tie up your horse at the bar, boot scoot in there order up a tall one, eat greasy fries, in your chaps and spurs, then ride on out on the tumbleweed winds. 
Only thing that's missing is the stanchons for the horses, ain't got much of anything else. Now if I can just get P.C. Innovators to finish fixing my laptop that's been there for 3 months now.