Friday, July 22, 2016

Knyte Flyte Report

I was going to put up something big and useful, but my mind and body are not cooperating. Its mind saying go-go-go, and the body saying bed-bed-bed. Needless to say I'll be on the air on Livestream, at noon instead of 06:00 Hours. These fire flights are killing me, but its our contract so must fullfill it, but not wanting to is only part of it. Of course I love to fly, anytime in the left hand seat is bliss, but when you start to make stupid mistakes, or don't take on fuel when your supposed to or not enough fuel, and those rotors start coughing, its time to put it down and head to the bunk house. And that's near to what I'm intending to do. For 48 hours. 
One of a few of the guys at the fire barn this evening said something that made me do some real thinking. He and the rest of us were watching the Presidential Speeches , the Don is now headed to the White House, but one of the Don's daughters came on, and one of the fire byrds here said, man I'd love to give her the shaft just once, Heck I'd go all night long then some more. To which I got to thinking, because here lately, if I do get blessed enough to get laid, I'm lucky if I can make it past a bit of leg massaging, and a head job, once inside it's over for the night. I'm ready to roll over and snooze. 
So I did some looking around on Google, and of course the porn sites and near exact articles were there, but no real exact on concise information on just how long that an average guy, or even a USDA Male corpuscle can last before ejaculation. As well as how long it takes to recharge after cumming. In my years, I have had only one lady , that could keep me going for more than an hour and cumming twice in both those two hours. Course she was a hot blonde security guard that lived near Clearfield Utah, that I met up with on one of those 1-900 numbers when I was still connected to Monkee. Past her none. Debby was her name, I think, and her hole was so damn tight that it was like a pop bottle. Plus she knew how to use my turn ons, as well as her vaginal muscles. If she didn't want you out, you didn't get out. Looking back on it now, I'd have been better staying with her, and sent Monkee packing, seeing how that all turned out, and I'd Have been $200k richer, but oh well that's life you learn. But getting back on the vectored course here, why hasn't there been a researched scientific study done on this subject? 
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