Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Knytes, The Cause and those who just give lip and keyboard service

I really get a albeit a frustrated one, but a chuckle of all the pages and postings from so many of the Confederacy , our flag of Dixie and all the rest. Since mid 2007 when The Knytes went from just being a old skool long haul trucking/trucker lifestyle(gearheads) organization rooted in the south, and all to a political organization as well, we saw the degrading of our nation under Obama, and even before Bush. We knew there was a change needed. I met both on phone and on line a guy named Stephen Monk, who was heading with little luck a movement to bring to power a thing called the Confederate National Party. A political party where a person could vote and be elected on. Few of the western states especially ones rooted in Mormonism, were in favor , but Stephen suggested a rally at the steps of Idaho's capitol . So word went out and nearly 20,000 people half of which were Knytes members but 20,000 people graced the steps, of the white domed building. Governor Otter signed the papers that admitted the CNP, to parties in Idaho, that could be a political party. After that work done by the Knytes got Utah to allow the admittance of the CNP to their elections, and work is now underway for both Wyoming and Montana.
Just over $3,million dollars, countless hours fighting and who is doing the work for the cause of southern liberty? The Knytes-of-Dixie(aka Knytes-of-Anarchy). 
Yet I will see on all to many postings of people posting who will support the Dixie flag, Southern this or Confederate that. But if you post a request or a suggestion that they do away with at least one weekend of beer and boobs and take that same $100.00 that they'd spend on one weekend and send it to the Knytes, to help fight for the cause, you'll get excuses, oh I don't have any money, I'm poor, or something along that line, but they have money for Internet, cable TV, and boobs, brews, and smokes. Could you imagine and we keep working towards this, if just one morning, to see on Fox News Channel of CNN, an ad or a sit down, interview of views of the Modern Confederacy? The way to a cable networks heart is money. Buy enough ad time, and you'll get the attention of the newscasters on there. The idea of the Modern Confederacy is not only to honor those famous General's and battlers of our past, but to take that fight into our present and perhaps future. You have two corrupt idiots running for President, both Clinton and Trump. Yet and I expressed this even on my TV show in Pocatello in 2008 that we need to step up and get a candidate for 2016 from and of the CNP, on the ballot. Considering the rukus over the flag and all the stage has been set, yet still when I have came to so many online to save our online radio station on the subjuct of the Modern Confederacy, the pleas have fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes. The damn money aint for me, its for all of us. Yet same noise, oh I can't I don't have a job, I don't have extra money, I say bullsbreath. To put it in the words of today, The Modern Confederacy, Matters. 
We'll never get things done for this election. Your ears, mouths and wallets are sealed, but if we start now, we could have enough cash in the hands and ads on TV to get a candidate up in gear, for the next election cycle. Our radio network can reach from sea to sea , and creating our own TV channel on cable/satellite bringing to view the lessons and southern heritage to all who would watch is not all that impossible. But again I'll ask, are any of you willing to step up like we in the Knytes-of-Dixie have? 
Its easy to get on Facebook, or Twitter and say your in favor of something or to post things from another page, its called lip and keyboard service. My question is, what will you sacrifice, what fun thing this weekend will you give up, to take the same amount of money, and contribute to us in the Knytes-of-Dixie to fight for the cause. If your not willing to help, I say shut up.