Monday, July 4, 2016

For Yankees its Independence Day, but for us southerners its just another Monday that the banks are closed

For many it's the 4th of July, a time of blowing things up with Fireworks, picinics and just another reason for many to be lazy. And people wonder what's wrong with our nations economy. Too many days off, too many days unproductive. The day is to symbolize and celebrate our nations break with England, tyranny , and taxation without representation. In reality the foundation of that is not what's being displayed today. Your cussed out if your nice to people or try to help them without any thought of repayment, but hey its America Today. As for me, my generosity and fellow person kindness has ended , go read Reaper Crew Report. 
People from the south have been pummled, and tramped on for so long that any kind of celebration of ANY kind of independence is kaput. It has no meaning. Our southern heritage and liberty was taken from us, and albeit a few of us are fighting back but those who can't (or wont) fight back, are getting hammered and jailed. 
There's a lady who I admire, by the name of Beth Ann, who does a thing every weekday called CSC Talk Radio. She has been preaching and defending America's life for at least 2012 that I know of maybe longer. I got turned onto her from Ray McBerry of Dixie Broadcasting, and she makes sense. With all her many followers and guests, she tells it like it is. Real truth really makes people mad. Despite the fact that they know deep down that Beth Ann or myself is right, they will not outright say so because it might take a few dollars out of their pockets, or cause them grief in their communities. It's the, " yea I know that's right but I ain't sayin so in town or in public" 
I hate to say this nation is far from the freedom loving, liberty nation we once were, and even before that treaty was signed by Grant/Lee the south will not and has not been liberated since. 

When I see both
these flags flying together, and the people of the entire nation defending, not condemning the one or both will I celebrate the day of Independence, but since that ain't gonna happen any time soon, I just consider the day as just another day.