Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Teat would seam that Livestream, is again having tech problems, does that mean the stream just steams?

So it would seam that our friends over at Livestream, the ones that carry the majority of our cyber side of our radio station here's programs are once again having a tech snafu. This is nothing new in the world of computers and scyfy tech. We too have been going through a bunch of it as well. Some of our people have suggested it might be one of those information bandits attempting to throw over our comp systems and hold that 411 hostage. Some have just said its our bandwidth, who knows. I will say that me discovering one day when harvesting some news fill ins from ABC News, radio online, that I stumbled on . Outside of once, when I was still figuring out the qualms and I'm still trying to get rid of the echo, but still overall its the best $120.00 I spend all month. The system will eventually be incorporated into our website when we find someone around here smart enough to build it, which is somewhat of a challenge. For now you can find all of our channels on both systems , as for Spreaker, you'll have to do a quick search but you'll find us, on Livestream, you already know where to go. In all cases we're here and there, and everywhere. 
In other Hazzard County News.
Saw a new site, partly based on RueBothums General Store(Hence the title of the FB group) But it would seam as well, that all too many are climbing on the old Hazzard County hay ride wagon, and forgetting a few of us that were part of both the Dukes as well as the original creation called MoonRunners. 
Any mile have a show to produce, hopefully on LiveStream, if not find us on  TTYLY