Sunday, August 14, 2016

Its beginning to look like fall and falling tempratures are in the immediate future

But could we have at least another month of warmth before it gets cold again? Seems as though I watch the Utah news and see weather saying high temps in the upper 90's yet here its always at least 10 tow 20 degrees colder. Its kind of like the first weekend I transversed the Wasatch range here to Evansgone, it was warm and toasty when I left Woods Cross Utah, settled in here and nearly 12 hours later got dumped on by serious snow. Seems I was both duped as well as a few other things since I arrived here, yet  as many times as I have set my mind into vacating the place, some strange force keeps me bound here like a chain and anvil. Over the last two years its been so close and yet stopped so many times, that if something does go right, I'm not surprized, I'm amazed. I get to thinking is there something the Lord above needs me to teach these people? Is there some beneficial task that the Lord needs me to do here before I relocate or at least allowed to relocate? Thing is several things that have not happened here, although, I should have done a few since I've been accused or at least suspected to have done. Mostly in the human need to breed, I haven't sunk my worm in anybody female here since I arrived. Always vocational. I remember Becky from the Porn store here. She saw one of our job postings , showed up, and nearly parted her thighs. Yet I did not partake. But I was accused of it. Then came Brittny who showed up one day in some rather revealing leggings. Didn't do much if any kind of on air or prep work for HazzardAyre, but my she could really bad mouth me and the Club. Then came Sammi, and her hubby. Up to a point thought we had a great team, but they gave up about the time I said enuff fluff, and lets get busy. Both of which in fact nearly all have not done any if any better than if they would have just stuck in here and helped build this media operation. Am I sore about it all, no, but I am dissappointed. Then came Pam down at the real estate company here. All sweet and all while we were up and grooving on a bar buy, once that was shot in the head, she gave me the boot, as well as the Chamber of Commerce amongst others here. Still the local C-of-C's website is dull to say the least 70% of the links don't work, maybe they should have held on with the Knytes and me a bit longer. Then came the deal at Tumbleweeds here. Pam set it up, but who knew Pam, and the lady who owns Tumbleweeds are bitter rivals and near enemies? Now sure maybe the funds from the Club could have flowed much faster, but when the President of the Club shows up and can't even get a steak, at 11:30PM , confidence in a location rapidly fades. Yet here I remain trying to rack my brain, attempting to figure out how to make a silk purse out of a sour sows ear? Don't get me wrong in some hours as the break of dawn here, watching the sun come up over this mountain range, and seeing the deer just outside my door, frolicking is Gods beauty on display. But then I go into town and have to undergo the terrible greed that is a constant resident of Evanston, Wyoming. Utah landlords , think that property values are equal to that in Utah. Yet Evanston's residents 70% are on some form of Government life support, and with a very limited return on investment , find that paying $800 to $900 a month plus utilities does not gain much. Your still only getting pennies on a dollar in income. 
When it comes to climate. I can remember the bitter cold winter of 2005 here. After reluctantly moving from Utah to Cokeville Wyoming, and with every eye including the local fuzz there, because of the lack of heat, except for a couple of space heaters, I slept one night there damn near freezing to death. Then had to fight like hell to get the few hundred bucks I earned at the Flying J there. I finally had to call in a favor from one of my friends who worked in the BIG office of Flying J in Ogden to get that check cashed. Once I did, I made a beeline right here to Evansgone and by March 2006 I checked out of here, determined not to come back. Yet here I am once again, with eyes of getting out of here. It wasn't until mid year in 2014 that I got hold of my money after years of fighting with trustees and payees, which then, stupidly I moved here to revamp and reignite a gone quiet radio station, for and of the community of the Interstate and the preservation of Southern Heritage. 
I can tell you this;, by the time I put a ring on Shelly's finger next August at Sturgis, Evanston is bound to be a bad memory, in my mind and my exit a forgone happening. 
I'm tired of freezing and I'm not just talking about the weather.
See you at 05:00 since we are doing some computer upgrades right now. We'll be on cyber air again at .
Now I need to throw these last two items in here this morning. 
Over the last three days since I posted a few pics of LiL Lexi 
 on a towing groups site, I have gotten quite a few thumbs up on that post on good old FB. Seems like a few do like the little truck. Thanks to Nate and some serious jump start power, found that all LiL Lexi needed was her computer reset, the truck still runs. So that tells me a new battery or two would take care of her maladies. Bet the fact that Beaver Dick and a few that call it a Clown truck, will be heart broken that more than a few like my creation. Kinda slaps em in the face, don't it? Number 2 here, It took, Facebook, and a common interest in a old TV show from Florida, to see the good and warm heart in me when all these stuck up broads here in very old minded ways Evanston, Wyoming just pushed me aside. Again kinda slaps the local women here right in the face, and right in that super putrid crotch of theirs. Just goes to show the real villians here and those that don't know or just barely know the facts before they open their mouths and write on a person's radio station site.