Saturday, August 2, 2014

If ya ain’t got don’t advertise


Either some people are to arrogant or to ignorant to take down an ad from a online posting point like or a newspaper or even a CraigsList posting, if they no longer want calls or inquiries. If they no longer have the offering, it takes maybe 5 minutes to take the damn ad down. if they still have it, answer the damn phone.

Changes in offerings.

The Wolf is now officially in Utah , not AyreWolf , but RodeWolf. As in RodeWolf. Oh don’t think Cooter’s A1 is dead, just Cooter’s A1 Toewing will be running out of our Rigby shop of what is now Dixie Performance Diesel Shop there.

RodeWolf Towing will run out of both Morgan and Woods Cross Utah as well as Evanston/Fort Bridger Wyoming. As part of Hazzard County Choppers/Hazzard County Customz, respectfully.

The difference here? We got it so we advertise it, but for those who don’t , for Heavens sake take down your ad or answer the damn phone. Hell even have the courtesy to call someone that says ya’ll ain’t got it any more.

Howl at Ya’ll L8R

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Quote of the Day:
Alcohol, if taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effects of intoxication.
--Oscar Wilde
James 1:22“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

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