Saturday, August 30, 2014

My main peeves in talent searches, lazy applicants


The talent search begins once again. It’s a difficult task and not one I relish. So let’s put some things into perspective with some prefacing this with a quick HazzardAyre 101.

First, this is , repeat NOT an attempt to locate a honey for ye old Wolf here. That’s been suggested, so I’ll say this, I came into this world alone, I sleep quite well alone, and while the equipment still works , I have no big hunger for anything up close and personal.

Second, I’m in radio, I work in a partly none visual world. I do not need to be in a suit , or tie , nor do I need to be spit polished and shined.

Third, the money comes from the club and its subsidiaries, NOT ME. I’m only a producer and project director not the person that carves out the payola.

Now then.

Between the Knytes-of-Anarchy, the AyreWolvez, and the Toew Bro’s Club, there is an annual ingest of money from various supporters and sponsors. That ingest is just under $15,million in annual income to the clubs, spread out over 50 charters with 50,000 members. The local Charter which combines both Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, get’s an annual ingest of just over $600k , that is used for various projects none the least is our efforts in support of Navy and Marine aviators, both retired and currently serving. Add to that running a radio-tv network dedicated to the Southern cause, as well as over the road truckers, the towing industry and of course again not the least Military aviation veterans. The support of families, and the education of benefits, etc, it’s a tall order.

One of our projects is always the outside efforts, involving producing military aviation videos as well as free bees like the Warbird calendar. In military aviation tradition we hunt for female talent to do the kinds of pin up and nose art photos that used to be displayed on vintage aircraft.

This is where it gets difficult.

The Mountain West such as it is , is not a plethora or utopia of available talent. What is as it is in any supply verses demand condition, is higher than a SR71 Blackbird. Recently we went looking for talent from a well known agency here in Salt Lake City. I found out of I don’t remember how many, but out of what seemed 20 I saw 3 that could fill the playbill. One was ideal, except the price tag of $3,000.00 . Remember we do these projects as fund raisers and benefits, not a commercial performance. Like some celebrities that do free or discount benefits for such causes , we thought knowing this the folks at this one agency , might cut the rate a bit. From what I hear the agency keeps the majority of anything the model makes. I think it ought to be the other way around. So then that leaves us looking at available freelance talent.

There are some, but they show up near unannounced, not even taking the time to read this or any of our blogs to see what we’re into and looking for. Only 3 out of 10 can read ad copy, nor know how to dramatize anything on camera. Many can’t get into character.

Then there are those that say they’ll be right back, or shy away because its not Mr. Super Producer in a suit sitting there, remember that I’m into radio. I don’t need to dress the part.

They do, not me.

I’m not a patient person, nor is the club, and I could say this too, The RoadHouse or the Wolf’s Lair(Studio-Office) The ladies don’t go in alone, nor give enough trust to step in where few have dared. In my last entry I reported about those who did, all except one who decided to take a different career path, are making multi million dollar pay checks, simply because they showed, learned, got exposure in a very cut throat and competitive industry.

The talent with ability comes in with a portfolio, audition dvd, resume, and has studied the club enough to dress on the first point of meet and greet in what type of wardrobe that the scene or photography is about. For us it means, skirt, nylons, heels , well dressed and presentable. Then there are the inexperienced who if they want to learn I’ll teach, but I hate to hear, oh I can’t do that, I wont do that, or such.

While its to be expected that a shortage of talent given that this ain’t Hollywierd or New York, even Atlanta or Nashville, still I know there is some that could if only they would, but keeping a prospective casting producer waiting, is not a way to get your foot in the door.

It’s the same with on air radio talent.

The adage that true 24/7/365 LIVE radio is no longer or dead is the result of no real talent or wanting to learn talent is out there.

The thought being, there’s satellite radio etc, true , but there is the person that is in a studio delivering content to pipe over that satellite radio channel. There has to be someone to pre-produce even automated content as well.

What we’re doing to fix that, in my next entry.



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