Sunday, August 24, 2014

No big change just a different altitude

HAZZARDAYRE COVER NEW2colonels journal

There’s an old saying that says , “ to know where your going , ya’ll got to know where you have been”. The simple fact is the expense, the headache , the plain old snake oil sales pitches and sacrifice I and both the Knytes and AyreWolvez have made coming to Utah, on the foundation that Comcast had a more solid inexpensive pipeline, and some guy in Ogden who said We got plenty of cheap offices, was based on two things; Constructing HazzardAyre into a online, as well as on air wheels on the ground or heads in the air radio station/website. The other gaining traction so I can regain the company containing my namesake AyreWolf Aviation. Of the two, for better or worse, HazzardAyre is online, on the air. The other still requires a signifigant amount of body mass reduction to fly, but that don’t mean I can’t twist wrenches. That said, the goal was not to set up a going toewing operation, nor a custom Harley sized road bike shop. I’ll be damned if that’ll happen, at least in Utah, or such. HCC(Hazzard County Choppers) and Cooter’s A1 Toewing will go up in either extreme southeastern Idaho or southwestern Wyoming. That said, I’ll remain at the helm of HazzardAyre Radio, and still commander of the AyreWolvez. Those things in mind, I do not fault Laura, or any thing, but and I think she knows this, just she can’t say it, that Comcast is a company that likes to be a bully. Okay as long as the game is played their way, miss a payment, don’t pay a bill because its Comcast’s fault, but they still unplug you anyway right in the middle of taking a tow call, damn that one call could have paid the old bill. The slogans, the TV ad’s and all that they put out there is not worth a picture of spit. If they are all for business, then knowing cutting someone off, especially when one of their own employees in Layton Utah, said we’d be fine until the end of August, then cut me off? Bullsbreath. The people I rent this studio has internet and now CenturyLink has 1gig Internet. For the next while I’m staying with Comcast on behalf of the club, but I’m looking into other providers in service to the club.

I remember Verizon Wireless tried this shit once. I go to pay my bill at Verizon, their closed, at just the right second of 17:00 I get a call to right an overturned propane tank on I-15 near Fort Hall, cars were getting munched as people didn’t slow down, in all because Verizon shut me off at 17:00 hours that day, no call. I lost $2,500.00 on that call. Which is why I’m not in a big hurry to sign back up with them.

Thursday night here in my area, we had typhoon scale rain. I mean REAL RAIN, because my phone was out I lost just under $3,000.00 in tows. Even though I never intended to tow here, its money. Needless to say, Comcast and I are going to have words come Monday.

So with that said, Cooter’s A1 will just run on a cell phone, let ya’ll know the number soon.

That said, now that we have reached the point of fyre of HazzardAyre, I’m focusing attention on my flying company AyreWolf Aviation, likewise the AyreWolvez.

Finally set up AyreWolfFM on Livestream, that’s . Its ironic, the same place I initially started the project on behalf of the Knytes as well as AyreWolvez for a streaming online radio station, is exactly where we are. So in future weeks even months its more Ayre, than Hazzard, but Hazzard is still there. That’s what is HazzardAyre.


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