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The Wolf-Pack likes to prowl alone, but


For those wanting to get into media, beit radio or TV, it’s a industry that claims its victims, to paying your dues, but once there can be rewarding.

Quality is a standard, that means a lot for us, yet few really understand that mindset.

Be that as it is.

Yesterday I had the occasion, to truck on down to KPDR, CH-19. I met with many but was really impressed with this one there named CiCi. CiCi has the attributes to being the kind of person I wouldn’t mind calling an associate or even a production manager for HazzardAyre, not to mention DixieDiesel Trucker Radio/TV and all its ancillaries. That all being said I didn’t go for the big price tag considering the fact that I’d be pushing someone else out of KPDR, likewise sharing operational space. After all no matter how well its soundproofed , the fact is when I get rockin, and cruising on air, naw but I can say if Cici ever wanted a way on a PAYING gig, ours is the one.

Okay then, looks like the Wolf’s Den gets moved Wednesday, and on Monday moving the Wolf’s Lair. Albeit fronting it as the office/studios for the AyreWolvez, its still the Knytes-of-Anarchy, running the gig, and the Wolf-Pack beit AyreWolf or RodeWolf, don’t like to be in a place where all of a sudden , someone doesn’t like us for whatever reason, or if some gal shows up to be on air as an interviewees, and wants to get kozy with ye ole Wolf here, or an on air person. Hold on this may get to be a bumpy ride with no shock absorbers.

Okay then, got the latest issue or Rebel Rodz and it was all on Rat rodz, they called it RATZ but it was all cool.

The reason I bring that up, is this, what Pisano publications does there, in Rebel Rodz, is exactly like what we do, or attempt to do, on HazzardAyre/DixieDiesel TV. Trouble is where do you find freethinking females of a modeling nature who can put that into play without the worry of LDS retributions on career paths? In Utah the church controls everything, and while there is a shift in the foundation of that institution, the fact is, there are gals who will shoot pics for a church owned store, but wont put on fish net stockings and a 20’s/1930’s style dress or skirt and pose with tricked out big truck or tow truck. The same thinking goes with the path of try getting a Utah model at an agency to do this>promo shot to get the idea of how much we enjoy the challenge of vehicle retrieval and rescue or towing. The kiss of toes in hose is a play on the two words TOE and TOW, the latter being what we do.

So why do it? Because nobody else does it, or will do it. You can’t get CH-4 or 13 to do a thing much less a daily news/lifestyle show on the trucking towing industry. No matter the amount of money pitched. It wasn’t until DixieDiesel Radio first fyred in 1989 in Blackfoot, Idaho. Much less in 1994 in Murray at a dilapidated structure, but at least wiring stable, that KSL all of a sudden got the bug of running Dave Nemo’s RoadGang. Likewise they knew we had the pinch on the market, and once we bought ITRN(Interstate Trucker Radio Network, in 1995 that KSL decided to retire the RoadGang, why? They said they could get sponsors, or could sell it. The two reasons it couldn’t be sold by KSL was A; their sales department had no idea what they were selling, two talking to truckers, trucking firms especially supply houses, requires the right vibe, in jeans and a T shirt, not a skirt in heels or some missionary returned guy in a suit and tie. The other reasons KSL couldn’t sell the RoadGang was, they put it off too many times to substitute other things, beit a BYU game, local sports, or Princess Diana’s murder. The last was while bad in itself, the RoadGang got cut off. Meanwhile the high gear independent freight haulers were running without their shows. Granted this was before XM/Sirius but still we wanted to hear trucking news , not some her Highness Royal bitch bought the dust. A news story at the top of the hour is quite enough. The old saying or to paraphrase , if your going to do radio for truckers to gain their confidence you know what your barking about, you better truck the walk and talk truck, or at least trucker/biker, or your going to find the knob twisted off.

Now as to where we are going, and the phraseology. Hooker in trucker slang means tow truck. The plans are to push and get a channel up on XM/Sirius for us trying to make a living driving a tow truck. What better name to get the shorts of the execs at XM, wet, than Highway Hooker Radio the only network on radio for those who tow. Just and I use this, but it’s a great analogy. When most people including myself heard the punk rock band Bare Naked Ladies, our thoughts was three naked ladies. Not three rather fugdugly guys, although to their success sings the title theme to Big Bang Theory. But , Bare Naked Ladies got YOU to go check em out. Same thing for Highway Hooker Radio, but how to market that? Get a lady in charge to come up with point blank but acceptable ways to get the ideas across, of a show for tow truck owner/operators on radio, called Highway-Hooker Radio.

So we see about CiCi.

Howl At Ya’ll L8R

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