Friday, August 29, 2014

Mid Day Breef:


Before I get into the rest of the spiel here. If you get a phone call from some India resident company called My Federal Grants look at the number. If it reads: 253-271-4529 or some guy named Andrew Collin hang up and call the FBI.

The red flags were there and so far all reads good, but this could have had much worse consequences. It’s a scam, the first is, the money can’t be exchanged through normal channels, they ask you to go buy a GreenDot card. Supposedly to determine your legit, thing is that’s $250.00 you’ll loose.

The U.S. Government will not contact you through a email or by a random phone call. Second if it’s the Government you’ll not be asked for a fee.

Let thy be warned. I almost fell for this, but was smart enough to detour it and called the FBI myself, of course it’s a fraud and just out of the FBI’s reach.

Okay enough of that kind of news.

Just once I’d like to go to a search engine, punch in a seemingly steamy but not porn image request and not be directed to a smut page. Example, wanted a couple of gals in their undershorts, for the graph for breefs. What did I get, smut. As much as such giant search engines like Google and all try it seems, the more smutty it is , the more its seen.

Which leads me to the subject of aircraft nose and body art. Back in late 1943, as WWII heated up the aviators started putting graphics on their aircraft. Myrna Lloyd was the first, followed by many other starlets including Betty Grabble , even newer styles have came to light.

These images gave those in the fight something to hold onto when the world around them became so unliving and so dangerous.

1408.31910510017_6Aircraft Nose Art_01aircraft_nose_art_03Nose_art_23 44447_499801893392821_1889526803_n215129_499801353392875_1770961331_n643971_10151317866124567_823049523_n882322_540720372676769_974452018_o1185675_10151340023374567_803691601_nmarinesdream1000198_10151306220599567_11151369_n1377120_10151423763444567_1457523405_n10393979_252027988334858_8496545279807269241_n1185652_10151367669564567_597385006_n

By now YOU have the idea, but it seems that the illustrious talent agencies have not got a grip on such things. Pin up’s, nose art, and body art, are not things for tattoos , they’re for vintage military aircraft, the Wolvez are on the hunt for such new era talent for our projects such as nose art, but it seems all too many want to be naked rather than fashionable, in essence trashy, not classy.

L8R Aviators

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--Henry David Thoreau, 19th-century American essayist and nature writer
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