Saturday, August 30, 2014

Toew Jamb Report

toew jamb report1

When you gotta poop , but the custodian is cleaning the latrine, you sweat until you can go undo what he just did, as you blast the white paint in the commode.

Then when you finally get there, especially in a partly public head, your anus gets stage fright. Nothing happens.

Okay then I alluded to all the things the Toew Bro’s Club is, but I forgot to mention some things which are guiding my current push here.

While I love to fly the stratosphere in a Bell 222A the fact is, the FAA, has said I have another six months of evaluation on my diabetes meds before it can approve me to fly. So that said I’m putting that project to bed for a time.

With that in your grips, lets look at why this radio thing I do every damn day is so, and why it began.

Years ago when I got the truckin bug from being a bull haulers son, I tuned into all those midnight to 5:00AM trucker shows. Of course going back to age 10 when I discovered radio, I had always searched for a way to mix my love of radio, and music and my love for long haul trucking.

Back in 1974 and a half when the TeenAge Truckers Association a one of 4-H Trucker club, one of the career paths we taught was basic broadcast skills. Hey truckers gotta know and want to dig on music, as they grind gears. Then in 1978 after I got LexiBelle>lexi in green miniI noticed that while there was all too many trucker shows, but nothing for us who tow. When the TTA’s Tow Council the forerunner of the Toew Bro’s Club, was formed, long before there was a Hazzard, or Hazzard Knytes, the concept was build a station and put out a syndicated show devoted to us in towing. Fast forward to today. Beit, Highway Hooker Radio, which is what we started with, Dixie Diesel Radio, Maximum Overdrive , and as now HazzardAyre Radio , the entire span has had at least at its foundation of being the radio voice of the American Towing Professional and the Towing profession.

Right now we are busting balls to get an XMSirius Satellite channel established for us in towing. Why not? News of the industry, lifestyle features both new as well as old skool towing, and of course music and an unplugged personality radio that all can love , that loves towing. It’s a kind of takes one to know one thing, we who tow are a breed apart from everybody else, it takes a certain personality and demeanor to wake up in the cold, or go out in the hot sun to rescue a disabled ride and its ryder.

Put that same person behind a radio console and shit gets done.

At the crux of it is the Toew Bro’s Club.

Now the stinky toew thing.

This is not to delve into some sexual fetish. If I had a penny for every time I hear, read, or see the towing word tow mis-spelled on purpose I could buy my partner Charlie completely out. Which is on my planned docket. Any mile, back when I discovered Hazzard County and the Dukes, it was on the floor of locating a pair of white vinyl go-go boots for a hot rod display for the 81 SLC AutoRama. There ye ole General Lee, incorrectly done. But workable. During the show about the second night sitting wheel-less since our mode of get around was in the show, I thought I don’t look a damn bit like neither Bo or Luke Duke, but did in many ways resemble good old Cooter(Ben Jones) . So the Hazzard County Garage was opened with the slimmest sliver of permission by Paul Picard and Gy Waldron, of the Dukes.

Subsequently when we decided to do up some ads for the shop and tow service the idea from an old commercial I’d seen for a plumbing outfit out of Boise, I thought hey at the end of the ad we’d wrap it with me doing a Cinderella kiss on the toe of a gal that we’d cast hopefully looking somewhat like Daisy Duke, who always by both censorship by CBS TV and her, in nylons. That’s where that started. It’s a tradition and we try to update the ads every once in awhile, its just finding model talent that don’t think I’m a freak wanting to smootch her nyloned toes. It’s no big thrill for me, simply because as much as many would have you believe the human female foot don’t stink, there are many times especially in nylons when her foot and toes do pew.

Because of those things I’m always looking women’s toes to see if their small and dainty, not big pig hooves. Call me a connoisseur, of the human female toes. It’s purly professional, but I’m always looking. Problem is few if any women unless doing it for thrills, wears nylons any more. It’s a specify thing it has to be ordered that way. So through the web , because the available talent reserves in Utah and Idaho are scarce to say the least, if not stuck up or way too expensive, I harvest what I can find online. Find the board of mine on Pinterest. When I do photography of female toes, I want them to purvey the essence of the musky aroma they would have in real life. That requires a fast massage to get a foot all sweaty, then dry, then sweaty and dry again. Then you can do close ups and you can see the aroma, and imagine its appeal, if that’s what your into. I have had three models that came fully equipped and mentally prepped to do such a deed. The first was a gal in Emmett Idaho, who even shopped for the rest of the look, at a discount bin, by her choice. Then Robin Miss Dixie Diesel 1993 who would arrive everyday in studio at least a half hour before air time or time to video tape. She’d sit during a on air session, with her feet in my lap, my nose was as close to her stockinged toes in hose as a desk top. By the second week, I could turn the whole damn show over to her and be confident she could do a complete on air shift. Sadly a truck manufacturer bought her contract, but she learned from ye old Wolf here, and the most important thing is she wanted to learn . Then came Erin, who only had one question by a phone interview , pantyhose or stockings? What killed that was a greedy real estate broker in Gooding, but Nurse Goodbody as we called her as that was her primary career choice, But that’s the deal with Stinky Toe, or as we call it Stinky Toews.



Quote of the Day:
You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.
--Liz Smith

Ephesians 2:19“Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household,”

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