Friday, August 29, 2014

The Snob Hill of Utah, yep, Welcome to Ogden Utah


As always this gig I do will always have Southern and of course Hazzard County mixed in it.

Yesterday morning on a local wake up news Tv show that Nashville Tennessee was ranked as the most American City in America. That does not surprise me a bit. The rest of the top 10 states were all SOUTHERN states as the most welcoming and American places in our nation. Although Atlanta never made the survey being rated as a bit prude, hell Atlanta has never been the same since Sherman burned it years ago.

Utah number 22nd in the Survey, but hey Idaho ranked in at number 15, as the most American states. Boise hitting the survey, and making the swing as the number 11th most American City in the union. Imagine that.

I never thought I’d find any place with its nose in the air more than the Mountain Home area of Idaho. Most of those folks are so prudish, and snobbish, one wonders why the chain of food places and all settled there. Oh well. So enter in Ogden. Now I can’t say all of Ogden is the pits, but there is a great separation between the classes and races there. There’s a real divide between the haves and have-nots. The have nots sit at the Maverick Country Store or immediately across the street, panhandling. The local fuzz does little about it as the fuzz understands the economic conditions. Many created by promises from those who say , come on down we have what your looking for, but in reality not even in the ball park. Such as what we experienced with finding quarters for HazzardAyre Radio outside of the RoadHouse. I’ll get into the hows and why’s of that later this afternoon. But if you get down to it, the simple fact that I’m not homeless is a simple Military/SSI Check each month. The reason, the club took so long to decide on a place was the fact not all of the clubs were into the agreement or relocating to Utah to begin with, despite the assaroids from Mountain Home, the club was after all formed in Idaho, mainly the Hazzard Knytes in Hazzard(Hagerman) Idaho and the AyreWolvez in 2001 in Jerome Idaho. So the main op, was to be based in Idaho. The rest of that story later today in PhooteNotes.

The rent rates in Ogden for what scrap office structures that are years ago are astronomic . When you consider that in the near center of Mountain Western Commerce Salt Lake City we garnered a space for $250.00 a month with the goodies including utilities. Woods Cross a sleeping community of SLC and sub burb of Bountiful, has all the amenities that any major city has except a 24/7 Denny’s, used to, not any more. Outside of that; the community, is home to oil refineries and distribution outlets. Yet rent rates are less expensive than Ogden and while there are homeless here as well , still its not as epidemic as it is in Ogden, yet the rent in Ogden and economic prosperity is not as rich as it is in the mid southern part of Utah. Question beckons; Why? If its to keep the riff raff out of Ogden, its doing a bassackwards job of it. If your going to be progress driven, you don’t out price the small business-person. You don’t break the bat of high rent, increased regulations over the head the person trying to get something running.

One would think that with the remodel of an LDS Temple there in Ogden that business would flood in. Perhaps, but the snob condition just increases. Yes it is and will be, the real Snob Hill of Utah continues to be Ogden Utah.


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