Monday, August 25, 2014

Is Monday another reason not to work?

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Monday  by Mormon concepts are the day to take off work.

Except for a very few Monday’s are a no work day for many of the Church’s enterprises. Don’t bother going to the Bishops’ store house on Monday its closed, Don’t bother going to a DI , It’s closed. Concept being Monday are the the nights to have Family Home Evening. Here’s a thought, and I’d like to just see it applied just for the look, but how about every single LDS child taking Monday’s off from school? Not just in Utah but all across the nation. Can you imagine all those carpet sniffers being out of school each week? Political waves would bow to the winds there.

Haven’t called Comcast yet, for that matter haven’t heard from our gal in Colorado Springs at Comcast either,. I can see if it’s a habitual customer not paying any bill , but considering HazzardAyre’s bill has been paid each month, right on time. In fact many times it could have and should have been side stepped. But no, by threat of even eviction that bill has been paid. Looking back for the tow service of mine, setting that up on a cell phone might have been smarter, but I thought let’s roll out a Comcast landline. Guess what that cost me just under $3k, and dig this, they never had that number published say in the yellow pages, and looking over what we got for HazzardAyre its not our old number, and the number we got for HazzardAyre is for Goss Photography. Is only one person in the whole damn company of Comcast doing it right? I understand Business is Business, but some compassion and understanding is needed here. Too bad Laura doesn’t run the whole damn company. I used to think Cable-One was a bully, shute, Comcast, makes Cable-One look like an infant having a temper tantrum. In both cases , both need to have a few time out’s.

So then, lets smooth over the garbage.

Being away from both computer and much of a phone, both flying to Oshkosh, as well as flying into Sturgis then riding through the week and a half party there was good for me. Took care of many of those physical needs I was suffering from here in religious restrictive Utah, and I was feeling energetic, ready to hit the race running on all cylinders. Only to trip up on Comcast’s bullstuff. Makes one want to look into doing an alternative. Investigating that, will report to you soon. I’m still very serious about this though, if both AllWest in Kamas Utah, and SpeedConnect that I had in Tweaker Flatts Idaho ever invaded and got a foot hold on Metro area Utah, along the Wasatch front, I’ll guarantee Comcast would have some serious headaches.

Now then, I’m convinced that keeping a recorded version of ANY calls made to such an entity like Comcast is a good idea. Just because some Camel hugger that takes calls on the weekends didn’t write something down in the notes for a month or two of service, IT’S MY responsibility to pay the bill. In full before services are restored.

But it’s going to be paid at the rate of $100.00 a month. Rest of the stuff for Cooter’s A1 Toewing will be cell phone.

Tuesday through Thursday, I’m back in the air headed to Palm Springs for HeloExpo West. Many new tech items on the seminar agenda.

Just wish there were more people like Laura at Comcast.

But I’m convinced too, one needs Monday’s to be a day off to recover from the weekend.


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