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Pride is, beyond looks, scratch deeper

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There are those that say that you only get one chance to make a first impression. That may or may not be true, and if no pre warning as to someone coming to see you at the office on a casual day, your sitting there , doing editing and pre show prep, and for some reason gain entry to the building because the custodian allowed you in. Which was kind of a surprise to begin with.

Then saying your coming back but never do, is kind of a , are they serious? approach to operations to say the least. But let’s scratch this a bit deeper.

The AyreWolvez Aviation Association is a subsidiary of the Knytes of Anarchy Truck Club. As such many of us are when not flying are trucking of some sort. Many of those occupying the cockpit of the radio studio here are not dressed in no suit and tie. There’s numerous reasons for this, mostly anti-establishment, anti-Yankee, and the fact that out of the many members 40% drive a tow truck. This means at the drop of a hat, one of us has to be enroute to rescue a disabled vehicle somewhere.

Then there is the fact that we barely moved into these new digs, much of the rest of the props, furniture and all have yet to be moved into as well as getting two other spaces here in the suite of offices we now occupy.

I was told several times before we obtained this office space and the extra expense, put it in an office, it’ll look more professional and little Red Ryding hood won’t be so hesitant to enter therein as it was at the RoadHouse>COOTERS ROADHOUSE SIGN MINIand yet here we are and we still have those that will not stick their necks in or even bother with a revisit.

The fact that the club wants someone in this chair 24-7-365, half of the on air team being a lady co-anchor , that’s as radical and rebellious as I am and the rest of us who sit in here, is a reach. Granted it will be a tall order to find someone that is as upbeat and anti society as say Robin Quivers who co-anchors with Howard Stern. But I hear the boring sets during the only LIVE radio in Metro Utah during drive times, and wonder, is no one teaching personality in radio any more? Yet I’ll see at least 10 gals at a bar swinging it up, yet and it might be because they are half corked but these gals get all loose and energetic, at the bar, but how about on the radio? So the fact that if during a show I get a tow call, I need a lady co-anchor who can step up, hold down the show until I get back, and I need 6 lady co-anchors who are not so stuck up and glued to the morality scheme as some seem to be. We are not that way. We’re more kick it in the ass, rubber pealing , nitro burning, living on the edge radio. not the so churchy radio or church scared radio that all too many seem to be. But this get’s right back to the toe kiss thing, or auditions similar. If I get a talent either photo or radio , but a gal that comes in, wearing a skirt, nylons and such whom after a time during the first audition interview, without me requesting it, offers up her toe and sezz give it a smooch, or something similar, I know then, that this is the kind of talent person , who is not so inhibited , that is a rebel personality that no matter what, within reason, will do most if not all we ask.

So why a pair of super denim shorts or a skirt, nylons etc for on air radio? Its training. By late November there will be cameras in here with an expanded control console , Both myself and the co-anchor had better be pulling off the look of a redneck country radio couple from the deep south or we’re going to look like idiots. From the web people will tune in and instead of a blank page they’ll see some action of what’s going on inside the studio. Internet radio, is an on demand instant choice. While others who do online radio are running just a cover photo, and doing the show recorded or archived , we’re going to be fully live. THAT’S RIGHT, LIVE. That means a Daisy Duke type or a HeeHaw Honey>HeeHawHoneys-Roy-300x237type or we’re going to be dead before we get back out the gate.

Of course there is the annual Miss Hazzard County project for 2015, the Miss AyreWolvez for 2015, a miss HazzardAyre and so on. With all this female honey I need a female working here, and for what we’re paying which is about $20.00 an hour over what others do, or the media scale for intern experienced talent, $30.00 to near $100.00 an hour there had be the quality of ability and desire on the applicants part or she ain’t working here.

In a way, it’s like looking at a truck for sale and this goes either way, sometimes the paint and chrome are flawless. But under the hood or the transmission are shot. On the flip side, I have seen the outside body looking like its about to fall off, the doors wont open the paint in primer, but the engine , and running gear are damn near if not completely new. Bottom line, unless you drive the truck you really don’t know what is there. Likewise, with us, you can’t know what we are all about, unless you spend some time in the studio.

Next time, McDonalds standards are not what they used to be.


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