Monday, September 1, 2014

What does FREE mean to you?

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What does free, I mean FREE mean to you? It means no cost, no downloads and not messing around, it means FREE. You tweak on your computer go to a site and listen, but that’s not the case with many of those who compete with us do their major fund raising. Maybe I need to do that with HazzardAyre? Don’t worry we wont.

If you tweak on your computer, you truck on over to and You can listen in on us 24-7-365. No Itunes download, no special program to tune in no fuss. We run live from 11:00PM Monday through Friday to 07:00AM , there is recorded versions there for you to tune in as well. Including Highway Hooker Radio, and Maximum Overdrive Radio is there for you there at Livestream as well. But dig this, NO special junk and never a nobody is home thing either. It’s FREE. It’s like our soon to air addition CSC Talk Radio. I love Beth Ann’s no bull approach to the news and views, but here’s the clincher. To download her archived show , you got to do an Itune download. I don’t do Apple or Itune anything. Beth Ann might consider Livestream as well. Then we all could tune in, but you’ll be able to here on HazzardAyre Radio.

Okay then, Beth Ann’s site is not the only one, Warbird Radio which is more or less a dead bird anyway, unless you go podcast Itunes, or try to tune in on any Premier Radio Network show like Bob & Tom, you better be willing to pay for the privilege.

My belief and I speak for the 50k membership of the Knytes-of-Anarchy Truck Club, when I say our radio and TV should be free. It’s getting to where its bad enough that music artists want to charge not only you for their content to listen to your favorite tune, but wants to charge radio station that made them a star in the first place money to play their songs on air.

We here at HazzardAyre have to dredge up $100k plus a year for permission to rebroadcast music. AFTA , BMI and other clearing centers for copyrights kick our butts, that’s why when I as a consumer not just doing both consumer/broadcaster, but just a consumer has to rake out money to listen to something that ought to be free anyway, I mean If I have to subscribe and pay for something, yank the damn commercials. That’d be good, or pay everyone a portion of those ad fees. You charge a sponsor to air their wares over the air, if I’m paying you to tune in and I have to sit through an ad, I want a piece of that action. Or best yet, make the entire broadcast completely free, like we do here on HazzardAyre.

BTW, we’ll be going LIVE tonight Monday into Tuesday starting at 23:00(11:00) PM , again just logo onto


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