Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Much ta do , but still quite 100 years behind

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So got to the office found a message from ye ole Bishop, basically going in the direction of what have you done for the Church lately? Rather than how can we help? Which is as it should be. To answer a few of the inquiring questions , I’d be happy to Pay Tithing to the Sullivan Ward, but guess what? I haven’t even had 10% to pay to anyone since I moved to the Sullivan Ward, in Ogden. Since I moved to Ogden under a promise from a Real Estate broker by the name of, Nate,of PPC Properties who promised the moon and could not deliver, I’ve had to pinch a nickel so tight that the buffalo urinates. So I got a roommate from CraigsList. Which I’m beginning to think is a unfruitful field to till, but here came Jeff. Made him feel at home, although had I been more knowledgeable as to his future shortcomings, I would have told him no , when he showed up without all the money needed. But as Jesus did, and Church should, show compassion, I let Jeff move in. Tried to be of help in his personal things as he requested, but when I first fell short on rent I go to the Bishop. A few hours at the Bishop’s storehouse in exchange for the $450.00 , okay I went down there for two full days, got the hours and turned them in just after Church. August was another thing, Jeff had left in July, but not before bleeding me half dry money wise. Couldn’t do this radio gig, as it disturbed his royalty Jeff, as well as the upstairs neighbors,  apparently the Confederate Battleflag upsets them folks from south of the Arizona border.

So I moved the op from Ogden to this office in Woods Cross, ya’ll know the rest of the story.

But for my Bishop and the Church’s interest, I need the help to deny me that at this point, is one of the reasons people are leaving the church’s membership. The love you sought from the Church is not the love gave. Love does not know dark, it does not know light, it does not know pain, nor does it really know good from evil, but Love, true love to our Brethren and Sisters, is compassion and both physical and at times when a back is against the wall, really against the wall , financial assistance, not with a question of what have you done for the Church lately? Jesus himself never ever asked, if the person needing healed had done something for him, Jesus just placed on the hands and healed. Now I’m not meaning to sound ungrateful for the help the Sullivan 1st Ward has provided already, and I’m near to the point of begging now, that they’ll help this time, and making up the hours at the storehouse this month is no problem. But that said, there’s a reason, that people are leaving the Church, there’s a reason I brought in another roommate, quite frankly , Utah in itself is a very expensive neighborhood. More over, Ogden is getting to become somewhat snobbish.

More later.

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