Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Am I not making myself clear or are we having a failure to communicate?

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Either I must be loosing my ability to get the message across or someone is not mature enough to grasp the situation.

One of a few talents for the pin up project , was we looking for her to be an on air radio talent? Answer of course not although she’s more than welcome to audition for that. But the sweet gem from Farmington Utah, is not being looked at for an on air talent, but we are looking for her to be on TV and our calendar for ads for the radio show, and of course the AyreWolvez/Knytes-of-Anarchy. We have two ads running on CraigsList, one for pin up/poster girls, one for trying to find on air talent. One is not exactly the same, although it’d be nice to find an on air talent that had the looks to be a poster girl.

But this is not the same creature. One is a bit more dedicated to task than the other. A poster girl, does not have to do much except look good and speak on camera. While an on air talent needs to do much more work. And have a bunch more rebel personality since that’s the flavor of what we generate on air.

It’s a king of tune in and listen to know what its all about.

Okay, new roomy moved in yesterday which is why I was not here last night. Had to get to know the new roomy a bit before I left him there alone, although that may be a challenge since neither her nor I have the funds to pay everything. But I’m not loosing everything or not generating a product here on HazzardAyre, like I had to with my former Roomy.

My former roomy had more drama, and real personal problems than a badly written soap opera. Oh forgot that’s day time drama. Plus the Taco’s living above bitching of mucho noise, etc. Which constituted the need in part for this office/studio, which has cost a bunch of money to get into, I’m beginning to think this venture into Utah has cost much more than what was originally quoted. Our Landlord Dave was all kinds of welcoming even taking me to eat to seal the deal twice. Okay then much needs to be done on the home front, so will be out until Monday, but will be here early Monday.

But through it all am I not making clear? Are we having a failure to communicate? The talent , like the gal from Farmington Utah is being looked at for a poster girl, while the other auditions are for on air radio jobs.

I think that makes it clear, nothing to get confused about. The only thing I want from our poster girls is know something about what and who we are, so they don’t look idiotic.

Why this is important, next entry.

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