Thursday, September 4, 2014

I’m getting tyred of getting it in the rear

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What this world needs is more of us Confederate rednecks and less urban screwing.

Just when you think you can trust someone or something, you get a screwing. Example , new roomy moves in, and I told him before he moved in there were bills that needed to be paid if we were to save the domicile so we both could live there. New roomy says fine moves down , but he’s short on money, and so am I. Now I had this pretty much pegged, this month. However grand and glorious Comcast, even though last month I told them they could take money out of my checking account for a PAST bill, if they would not disconnect me would be fine. But not do it twice. They never took it out last month, but waited to take it out this month. Yet the bill shows still unpaid, and the tow phone via Comcast which is all its for, still needs a reconnect fee, and a new deposit. I told them no thank you, that I was unsubscribing that phone from their service and getting a cell phone. But they did it anyway. I made a claim against the transaction with my bank, but it’ll be ten days before that’s resolved. That was point number one. Thing with all of that, had I yanked the entire $600.00 last Friday, like my gut told me to this would not be a problem. But you don’t think a utility like Comcast would do that twice, especially without permission, a good example of Yankee dirty deeds. So it puts me behind there. Now then the Landlord in Ogden good old Dave comes by, I give him $100.00 but he’s only applying that to a power bill he paid for the blooming place. Even now says he wants to raise the rent now that I have a roomy, but lets my old Roomy move his old lady in and not raise the rent can you say greed? I’m right at a point, if anything can’t be reached in a good way, of talking to this lady here in North Salt Lake, on her room, move in there and let that mess in Ogden , go. I’m tyred. Tell ya’ll what goes tonight on the air.

Don’t these people realize that I’m trying to build a business here? Not for me although I could use a few more green in my jeans, but HazzardAyre and all its subsidiaries, are for one thing for the most part. To deliver news, entertainment and education to every Navy, Marine aviator with southern roots. The club is serving those who have or are currently serving, and yet we keep getting hit up the head. You’d think the corporate leaders at Comcast, my Landlord that’s supposed to be ex Navy, could throw this old Wolf a bone. Not keep giving this old Wolf the bone up my six. Sure my new roomy and I now have Cable TV, in the RoadHouse, but watching Cable without electricity is going to be tough. I can since All I gotta do is pack my TV here to the office, but shit has got to lift off or I’m getting out of that mess in Ogden, good Bishop and LDS ward there or not, I’m drowning. Sure I could get out of it, I could go crawl to our great Bishop who I really like. But the church all together would have to fork over right at $1,000.00 for me to stay there. Will investigate that here in a day or two, but still I hate having to lean on the church, all the time. Especially when I can’t even do the work hours at the Storehouse to earn that money . Let you know by Monday.

I got told not to move here by Charlie, and Linc, but I moved anyway and my am I paying for it.

Will be on the air all night tonight into Friday Morning , but I soon got to go hash all this out.


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