Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bark and howl for your rights

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So after taking Thursday and all day Friday off to recuperate , I meandered into the office.

Once I got here checked ye ole bank account, found a few more were mining my checking account. Damn I’m not that rich but the greedy bastards at both Comcast and a fraudulent telemarketing company want more. Guess they wont get any.

Its good that one monitors things, if one is left to the greedy carpetbaggers out there, they’ll clean you out posthaste. When it comes to Comcast, had they called before they reached in and stole my $280.00 that’d be one thing, but they didn’t. More over I was told by their accounts receivable department that I still owed that $280.00 which I ask if you took it, why do I still owe it? So I filed the claim, with my bank, and look to get that back in my account on Wednesday. Which puts money in landlords hands and mine, but not before I make sure my residency is secure.

Then the new Roomy takes down our grand battle flag. As long as I’m paying half the rent the battle flag stays in the window.

Guess some of the model new hires showed Friday, except this old wolf was sleeping and dealing with domestic issues.

Been trying to get in touch with Bishop Dunlap, but not getting anywhere so heading to Church Sunday morning to see if I can get his attention, for a meeting Tuesday.

Still no hot water, and new Roomy has not yet gave ME any money yet, which if the new roomy wants to stay there, he can pay Dave the landlord $225.00 , it’s a shared expense thing.

Few if anything I harvest from CraigsList is right on. Seems only 2 out of 10 things we put up there gains any kind of tangible yield. The rest of the time, all I get is a BIG shaft up my 6, and IT’S ME that HAS TO PAY.

Talk about being unsociable, last night my great neighbors and they are great neighbors which is one of the reasons I’m busting my nuts to stay put, although moving here to the Bountiful area would be better cost enabling In other words the commute from Ogden to the office is 30 miles, or 60 miles round trip, by the time I come down and go home we’re looking at $40.00 a week, just in gas. $80.00 a month in fuel is about half what I need just for chew. So cut the mileage in half, cut the outgo in half. Bottom line its $121.00 left over after bills and all for me which lets me get LexiBelle paid for and the Gen Jaxson. But getting to the unsociable, the new roomy wouldn’t even go over and be hospitable and have a cocktail. Something tells me this arrangement is not going to last long.

Any mile, getting on with prep for getting on the air.


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Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.
--General Omar Nelson Bradley
John 14:23“Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.”

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