Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ever try to call the Social Security Administration ?


So in trying to be current , I tried to call the grand poo-paw SSA, to inquire about my review. Since the end of the month is rapidly coming and bills and survival is on the front of my cerebellum. So I called 3 times, once leaving my number for a call back. After starving and waiting for two hours not the promised by SSA one hour return call, of which finally someone or something answered the phone, but never responded. No nothing. So frustrated I called em back, after realizing the time difference between the east and west coast time variances, decided I could wait until morning. But I can tell you I’ll be callin in the afternoon. Gotta meet with, the club financial member for this charter at 09:00 hours, plus  need to see the Padre at 20:00 hours, so I’ll be in Ogden most of Thursday, so in calling SSA I’m going to be pegged.

Okay then, still aiming at 86’ing but if I get the loan and help from the Church I’m okay, if not will be moving sooner than anticipated. But in any case either October or November I’ve gotta see some relief from that zoo in Ogden, or I’m outta there.

But have you ever tried to call SSA?

Have fun. It’s not just Obama the Federal Government is slow, its complicated and what you think should be simple and easy will take weeks, if not months. Example, discharged from the UCSMC in 2005, had my DD214 form, which is now in a pile of papers in a trunk in Gooding Idaho. So I got the forms for a copy of such for a duplicate so I can file for VA benefits. Have went through the DAV, DOD, UCSMC , yet here it is 2014 and ain’t seen a bit of paperwork, or a phone call.

Again, its not just Obama, although its his rhetoric that has all government agencies crawling slower than Flash burying a bone. But its always been that way. The Yankee government since Lee gave us all up, has employees of agencies that do not, will not and wont take the responsibility or authority to approve anything. Or reject anything. The nation is screwed. If you don’t believe me , listen to Beth Ann on Stalk Radio. ( or the talks at : or here on HazzardAyre Radio, .


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