Saturday, September 13, 2014

One more Show out my cyber door and into your computer

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Well after several attempts, got HazzardAyre XD 2 Part 2 in the can, but it sure took time.

Kept running into this all bells caution markers from my LiveStreem panel that kept saying, Anti-Lag Feature enabled , but only way to restore and regain anything was to stop and restart. Hope will go find out what’s up with our junk , . So once we got on , alls good, cept I got this message from CraigsList, saying I violated their TOS. Ah bullsbreath. They took our warbird pin up girl ad down, so I put it back up. Just because a few teasers can’t qualify due to their idiocy, ignorance and arrogance, don’t mean they need to flag our ads. Thing is if they can’t see something good, maybe someone else will.

So I’m headed home.

See ya’ll Sunday night into Monday morning on HazzardAyre, maybe by then Livestream’s techs can fix my site’s maladies.


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