Monday, September 1, 2014

Strange Hours and the McDonalds thing

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I often think of the stink of the female mind, while not being completely ignorant here, as personal safety is always a concern for everyone, even guys get wet palms sometimes going for chew at the corner filling station. Thing here is relatively simple. I often invite those who might be interested in doing radio OUR way in while the show is on the air. The night time from 23:00 Hours that’s 11:00PM for you none military folk, is our magic time. By seeing the show in action, and hearing the content in case they simply can’t figure out how to listen at home on their own computer, but seeing and getting the feel of the show, plus auditioning on the fly is one great way to get into this business. Sadly its always during the day they surface while I’m trying to produce, sell ads and so on, so I don’t have a bunch of time to get into what button to push, or demonstrate the dynamics of how we do the show.

I have only had two people, hot looker gals who put away the spook factor and joined me on air at midnight. Robin and Erin. Robin had her guy pal drive her in , and I mean in sub zero weather, but we’d bust tail overnight and turned out Emmy award winning shows. Her complete training took 2 weeks, even then she could do voice overs and on air ads like a pro. Her rhythm was so easy to work with I could run a music bed or tune under her reading that you’d think it was all produced at the same time. Oh and yes, she always wore nylons to the studio, always had her footsies under my nose all the time and it never phased her or her fiancée . Robin was a one of a kind, she could telepathically send me messages. I’d be thinking of copy or a topic in the middle of the night and she’d call, and said exactly what I had already been thinking of. It was no big deal for us to meet even if we were not to be on air, she’d show up and we’d cut tape. I know I’ll not find one like her but I keep looking. But then came Erin , our Miss Nurse GoodBody . The only question she had when she called for the first audition interview was Pantyhose or stockings. Not why, what for or a long explanation. She’d bring lunch , made by her husband and get this, he never made a big deal out of my lips and nose against her toes in hose. To get the reason for all that, read my other blogs.

Any mile , Erin would drive in the dead of night on ice covered snowed over roads, 25 miles each night to be there at midnight. She dug in and we made one helluva team.

The thing is these gals were willing to train for little to no money, to bring something to light that had never been done west of Tennessee. They never thought of the deep critters of a dangerous city, just that it’s a job, creating an empire or at least a mini empire, in radio, that has set the standards for every damn radio show online since then. Radio done right takes dedication, long hours, sleepless nights and wading through untouched mud, but once your there, and it takes hold it’s a precious as gold. But we are talking of an old time and I was much younger. Even though double nickel(55) is not ancient, the bones and body obeys a much more restrictive clock. The mind say go, the body says food, TV and sleep. But Years ago I made a pledge in our first studio in where I lived on the hill near Hazzard, that I would be on the air serving, long haul truckers, the toewing industry and of course military pilots worldwide, as well as the southern cause. We’ve been knocking out a radio show every night from midnight to 07:00 hours(7:00AM) every night since 1975. Sometimes it was crude and not so well produced, but you learn, this gig I take very seriously and have put a helluva lot of my own money into it, its too bad all too many of these younger and moderately younger split tails in this area can’t(or wont) look beyond their inhibitions and try on HazzardAyre, they might find they like it.

On The McDonalds thing. Coming in to the studio this afternoon, I stopped by the McDonalds in Layton, there on Gentile. I specifically asked, no lettuce. It’s not that I don’t like lettuce but the stuff McDonalds turn out on a Big Mac, gives me the runs. And on air and at the station here is no time for the fast footed Hershey squirts. But what did the crew do? Yep, Lettuce. I ate it anyway and true to nature for the first hours earlier me and the commode here got real well known to each other. Now then, back when I was a young Wolf-Pup, I am not embareassed to say that I did a stint at McDonalds the only one we had then, at age 16 it was how I made green to fulfill my need for hot rod go fast, parts. Back the the Kyle family was very strict on the fact you had to have a 4.0gpa or forget working there. Report cards were examined when they came that missed that grade threshold, were suspended until they did. Whatever happened to those standards? What ever happened to being qualified to at least read, write, do basic math, and communicate? No wonder companies like McDonalds has sub standard employees. More over the employees can’t even get a simple thing straight, even if its written in bold LEtters , NO LETTUCE!! If these medium wage earners want more money per hour, demonstrate they have the skills, first. Like a report card.

Next time, the stink of the stink.


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