Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Never count out the Wolf

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I caught an email from a fellow parishioner the other day that related something of , sorry your moving from Ogden, your presence will be missed. Most everybody in my neighborhood had me moved gone and put away until a mere meeting in a store somewhere. In reality , I was just shopping to see if I could bring my budget into a more realistic environment, and yes I got behind in a few bills, since my former roomy didn’t pay everything that he was going to. Hell, even when he moved in I was looking for a first, last months rent, and a processing fee, NOT a DEPOSIT. A total of $600.00 . What I got was a mere fraction of that, but being the understanding person I am, I allowed him in. It wasn’t more than a half a month before he was in my face one day, and I told him he’d have to move out, that in reality the foundation being the place is my home and as such me be the king of the roost, that and he was really delinquent on paying expenses. He started bitching about the deposit, what deposit? He only had paid $50.00 of the $150.00 processing fee, barely the first months rent, and hardly the last month he was there, and only after I had pressed him on it. Then there was the lack of my ability to do radio as I need to do to grow even further, what we call HazzardAyre. So I struggled through July, got this office by the skin of my teeth, and doing a bit better, but if I hadn’t had to move , hadn’t had to pay back bills, and starving in August for helping my former roomy, buy food. It was by mere luck that my current roomy came forward although still a bit off , there should be $75.00 bucks but since my roomy paid part of the back power bill I feel its even. But here is the real undercurrent. My former roomy, has some inlaws that want to move into the neighborhood, so he’s pushing the same landlord I have, to get me and my new roomy out.

On my new place, and I wished I’d have been as strict. But Elissa says all or nothing, meaning $700.00 plus $150.00 no working it out over time. So I passed on it, have another in the works but either way its at least a month or so before any relocation happens. The smart thing would have been putting my former roomy out on the street and saying all or nothing, but the day he arrived it was a day when I had meetings with two talent agencies, paying Comcast, and interviewing for other jobs at HazzardAyre. Had, I had time Mr. Painter would have never moved in.

But when the wind blows and it storms, never count out the old Wolf here as it’ll byte you by the gonads if you do.


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