Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Been under the weather and unable to gain altitude

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Before I get into my main rant here I want to get this out to all that need to know.

I’m not yet moved or is there any immediate plans on doing so. Having said that, the relocation depends on what happens Wednesday. As Wednesday I get together with Dave my landlord. If he is okay with the current arrangement and I can get one more help from my Bishop, in our Sullivan Hollow Ward, I’ll be staying put, as if my roomy and all contributes his financial assets then all will be as it is. If not then I’ll meet with Elissa and move here to the Bountiful area, but until that time, don’t push me out yet.

Although there are many reasons mostly drive time and money involved in the concept of moving I also have many reasons to stay, most of which is the love and kindness my Bishop, and the Sullivan Hollow 1st Ward have gave me. Just hoping that the same Bishop would get a check cut for about $400.00 so I can remain. That’d pay up my rent and get the gas turned back on so I can take a shower.

Okay then, and I’m not sure if it’s the stress or not but it seems as fast as I eat, the quicker I need to find a latrine somewhere. In essence Hershey squirt city, so been staying closer to the home commode. Makes one wonder if its worth it all. The stress over this mash up of circumstances has been interfering with my on air ability. Stress and worry makes for radio shows that are just pre recorded. In essence can’t gather my mind nor get the altitude mind wise to do an entertaining show. Once I know where I’m going to set up house, it’ll be better.

It’s a condition too many hours, no sleep and less than that.

So in conclusion, I’m not moved nor am I planning to just yet, just depends on what help I can get from my great Bishop, of the Sullivan Hollow 1st Ward, and my current landlord.

Keep it wings level

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